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The Student News Site of Olathe West High School

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The Student News Site of Olathe West High School

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Sophomore Family study students Savannah Cagle and Caroline Overman took animatronic babies home.
Family Studies Starts Extra Credit Project
Maya Gee, Writer • September 20, 2023

This past weekend, several Family Studies students took their RealCare babies home. Each student who wanted to get extra credit brought home an animatronic baby that had all the same needs as a regular child.  Participating...

Senior Noah Jaye waves down from the firetruck at the crowd in the parade.
Public Safety Participates in the Old Settlers Parade
Reece Young, Writer • September 14, 2023

Public Safety marched in the annual Old Settlers Parade on Sept. 9. During the parade, public safety members marched throughout downtown Olathe from Kansas Street and Loula Street. From there it travels east to Water Street...

Sophomore Reia Waliser completes the stair climb on with her class following behind her.
Public Safety Honors First Responders That Lost Their Lives on 9/11
Avery Mathieu, Writer • September 8, 2023

The Public Safety program climbed the main stairs to honor the people who lost their lives on Sept, 11, 2001. On Sept, 6 and 7, during their block day classes the fire rescue students from the public safety program put on...

Marco Bermudez hydrates after playing on the field, the game was previously scheduled the day before, but due to the heat the game was moved.
Heat Wave Affects the Beginning of the Fall Sports Season
Logan Kraft, Writer • September 7, 2023

During the past few weeks, the central United States has seen a record-breaking heat dome including an extreme influx in temperature here in Kansas reaching a heat index as high as 118 degrees by the end of August.  Despite...

Seniors Lauren Swearingen and Makenzie Wyatt prep their vet club table in the gymnasium before the activity fair starts.
(Photo provided by Lauren Swearingen)
Student Aspirations in Veterinary Care Gives Inspiration for a New Club
Logan Kraft, Writer • September 14, 2023

The new Pre Vet club was created two days before the activity fair by senior Lauren Swearingen with the...

Junior dance team member Anita Reyna holds up the necklace at the end of the field show “The Heist”.
Dance Performs New Field Show “The Heist”
Addison Smith, Online Editor • September 12, 2023

The dance team has a new field show for the year called “The Heist,” in which dancers maneuver around...

ASL teacher, Colby Mnich, has a conversation with a student in sign language.
From Childhood to Teaching: Mr. Mnich and ASL
Caleb Chacon, Writer • May 25, 2023

Across the world, there are over 300 sign languages and 72 million people who speak them. Those languages...

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Sophomore Kaiya Finazzo, and freshmen Kylie Webb play their Third JV game of the season.
Volleyball Team Prepares for the Season
Maya Garcia Gee, Writer • September 11, 2023

The girls volleyball team has begun with a strong start to the season.  The girls have been working...

Katelyn Eagan poses with K-State shirt after being accepted into K-State cheer.
Olathe West Cheerleader to K-State Cheerleader
Gracie Brown, Writer • May 18, 2023

As this school year is coming to an end so soon, especially for the seniors, it can be a time when athletes...

Junior hurdler Braeden Gillam breaks a vinyl record in a video filmed by Coach Dee Bell to celebrate his 300m record he broke.
Track and Field Sets New School Records Throughout the Season
Caleb Chacon, Writer • May 18, 2023

Throughout the season, track and field has seen 15 school records broken. Top performances have been...

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Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story” was released on Netflix May 4, and was trending as the #1 TV series for a week.
‘Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story’ Let’s Viewers See a Whole New Side to the Beloved Bridgerton World
Bryce Mallory, Writer • May 23, 2023

All six episodes of "Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story,” a spin off to the series “Bridgerton”...

Awsten Knight performs at Ogden Theater in Denver Colorado, on May 6.
In Need of A New Band?
Logan Kraft, Writer • May 18, 2023
Summer Bucket List
Summer Bucket List
Stella Brown, Writer • May 15, 2023
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 The Summer I Turned Pretty is a book series by Jenny Han, adapted into a popular tv show currently streaming on Amazon Prime.
The Summer I Turned Problematic
Addison Smith, Online Editor • September 6, 2023

Are you Team Jeremiah or Team Conrad? Fans of “The Summer I Turned Pretty” divide into these two categories, but the popular series is now bringing up a new perspective:...

Summer is here as a time for me to look back and reflect, and well as look forward.
My Summer State of Mind
Bryce Mallory, Writer • May 25, 2023
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