The Student News Site of Olathe West High School

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The Student News Site of Olathe West High School

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The Student News Site of Olathe West High School

Owl Post

“Yesterday, we had two doors taken off bathroom stalls and two soap dispensers ripped off the wall,” Principal Jay Novacek wrote in an email to parents. “Today a mirror was taken down and the faucet broken. I encourage you to have a conversation with your student about not committing any criminal acts of vandalism to their school.”

TikTok’s ‘Devious Licks’ Trend Travels Through West 

Addison Smith, Writer September 23, 2021

Many know the trend called “devious licks” circulating around TikTok. The popular trend that’s made its way through schools involves stealing things from schools--soap dispensers to toilets--and...

American soldier in Afghanistan. (CPL Sam Shepherd)

Taliban once again seize control

Addison Smith, Writer September 21, 2021

When the news came that the Taliban had once again seized control on Aug. 14, after President Ashraf Ghani fled the war torn country, the news quickly spread across the world.  President Biden issued...

Freshman Danika Davis works in art class with a mask.

Students React to Extended School Mask Mandate

Nola Miller, Writer September 21, 2021

Masks are back. For some, this is a relief, but for others, this is a nightmare all over again. Last school year, students were required to wear masks all year long and though many hoped over the summer...

Louisiana National Guard helping rescue people and animals in the flooded LaPlace, Louisiana.

Disaster Strikes Again On The 16th Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina

Diamonique Naert-Jimenez, Writer September 10, 2021

Category 4 Atlantic Hurricane Ida, struck and flooded Louisiana before traveling through northeast states with high wind speeds of 125 mph. The storm hit Aug. 29 which happens to be the 16th anniversary...

In-Person School Brings Changes to Olathe West

In-Person School Brings Changes to Olathe West

Meredith McCalmon, Writer August 27, 2021

The rise of COVID-19 brought societal and personal changes to most of the world’s population. Restaurants closed down, people began to distance themselves, and toilet paper became scarce. Students at...

“They’re being treated like they are new detectives instead of students in a class. The less times you can say make believe and pretend, the better.” -Detective Groves

Major Case Event Tests Skills of Senior Public Safety Students

Caché Goracke May 10, 2021

On Thursday, April 22, early in the morning, a line of Public Safety students laced up the boots of their uniforms and cracked open a box of donuts as they waited just outside the doors of the Public Safety...

Lil Nas Xs new single, Montero, sparks controversy on many levels.

New Single By Lil Nas X Sparks Debates Over The Influence of Music

Emily Harter, Writer April 28, 2021

On March 26, pop artist Lil Nas X released a new single “MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name)” and the song quickly reached No. 1 on the charts. Shortly after, the song was abruptly taken off many streaming...

Decisions about prom have finally been made, juniors decide to throw their own prom.

An Untraditional Senior Prom Announced

Ellie Pogorek, Writer April 14, 2021

On May 8, West will host an outdoor prom at CBAC for seniors. This decision comes after long consideration by the school board regarding the safety of the students and staff. The prom will be open to seniors...

Physics and astronomy teacher Samantha Baker demonstrates the moons effect on the tide.

Ship Stubbornly Stuck in Suez Canal Freed Thanks To Lunar Power

Tyler Burkett April 9, 2021

On March 23, cargo ship Ever Given floated sideways due to a massive sandstorm and was lodged for six days when it was finally freed thanks to the efforts of associated tugboats, ground crews and a full...

President Biden works in the oval office the day after inauguration.

A Reflection on Biden’s First Weeks as President

Riley Keiter March 9, 2021

It’s been almost seven weeks since President Biden was inaugurated, and it’s a good time to check in on his progress. In his time so far, he has re-opened Obamacare services, ended the Justice Department’s...

Trump Acquitted of Impeachment for Historic Second Time

Trump Acquitted of Impeachment for Historic Second Time

Ellie Pogorek February 15, 2021

On Feb. 13, President Trump was acquitted of charges of incitement of insurrection following his impeachment by the House of Representatives. This trial came after a siege on the U.S. Capitol building...

Superintendent of Olathe Schools, John Allison, to Retire after 15 Years

Superintendent of Olathe Schools, John Allison, to Retire after 15 Years

Caché Goracke January 29, 2021

After an announcement was made at the Jan. 14 School Board meeting, it has been brought to the attention of Olathe families that John Allison, the superintendent of Olathe Public schools, will be retiring...

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