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Trump Acquitted of Impeachment for Historic Second Time

Trump Acquitted of Impeachment for Historic Second Time

Ellie Pogorek February 15, 2021

On Feb. 13, President Trump was acquitted of charges of incitement of insurrection following his impeachment by the House of Representatives. This trial came after a siege on the U.S. Capitol building...

Superintendent of Olathe Schools, John Allison, to Retire after 15 Years

Superintendent of Olathe Schools, John Allison, to Retire after 15 Years

Caché Goracke January 29, 2021

After an announcement was made at the Jan. 14 School Board meeting, it has been brought to the attention of Olathe families that John Allison, the superintendent of Olathe Public schools, will be retiring...

Students React to Capitol Riots Aftermath

Students React to Capitol Riots Aftermath

Tyler Burkett, Writer January 21, 2021

Following the riot on the Capitol building two weeks ago, American citizens have flocked to social media to voice their varying concerns about the attempted insurrection.  Among these concerns is the...

What You Might Have Missed From the 2021 Inauguration

What You Might Have Missed From the 2021 Inauguration

Riley Keiter January 20, 2021

The inauguration process is an important step in America’s democracy, but is also very long. For those with school or jobs, it’s difficult to watch the entire broadcast.  For those that might have...

Cycle 2, COVID-19 in schools

COVID Board Meeting

A recap of some of the events this school year regarding COVID, and how some teachers feel about them
Riley Keiter, Emily Harter January 18, 2021

In a pandemic, as we’ve learned, things can rapidly change. Whether it be the safety procedures, the positive cases, the safety of your community, or even our understanding of the disease itself, most...

The virtual orchestra concert this year is taking place on Dec. 8.

Orchestra Make Preparations Against Raging COVID Numbers

Kelly Siriboury, Writer November 23, 2020

As COVID-19 spreads, a multitude of schools, jobs, and businesses have been affected, as of now, numbers have increased dramatically. In fact, many planned events have been canceled; shows, concerts, and...

Senior Haley Hahn shows off her ‘I voted’ sticker that she earned on election day.

First Time Voters Take on the Polls

Seniors discuss what it was like to vote for the first time and what to expect
Caché Goracke, Editor in Chief November 23, 2020

Across the U.S. there are a great deal of people who want to vote and yet cannot. According to the Global Citizen some reasons for this include lack of transportation, past convictions, and lack of a government...

Boys and Girls Basketball season started yesterday with tryouts, every athlete wearing a mask.

Johnson County Health Department Warns Against Winter Sports

Emily Harter, Writer November 17, 2020

On Oct. 28 Johnson County Health Department released a tweet stating that they recommend winter sports should not be played if COVID-19 protocols cannot be in place after cases have been spiking.  "Indoor...

Olathe West students show off their online learning set ups.

Students and Teachers Navigate the New District Online Learning Option

Sydney Brown, Emily Harter, Brendan Ulmer, and Ellie Pogorek November 17, 2020

No whiteboards, no bells, no other students. Only you, your teacher, your computer and your homework. This is what life is like on this newly utilized frontier of education: online learning. In this time...

Saftey precuations are being taken to keep children safe this year during Halloween.

Adapting to Halloween During a Pandemic

According to CNN, more than 148 million Americans will be celebrating Halloween this year. However, the coronavirus pandemic has changed how even day-to-day life looks. So, Halloween will also undoubtedly...

In the total of fires going on, there have been 33,917 wildfires ongoing. At least 723 were due to human causes, and 154,400 acres have been lost. (source: Washington Post)

Wildfires in Oregon and California

Kelly Siriboury, Writer October 30, 2020

As violent fires flare across the arid grasses of the West, people are fleeing, fearful, and many losing their homes--some even losing their family. At least 154,400 acres have been lost due to the 168...

“I can sit here and thell you fifty things that I hate about [online learning]. I could also tell you fifty things that I love about it.” -Bryce Mallory, Olathe West Freshman

Freshman Reflect on Starting High School Online

Evelyn May, Writer October 28, 2020

Starting high school can be overwhelming with a new building, new classes, and new people. Anyone who’s ever been a freshman can attest to that. This year’s freshman class, however, faced a new challenge:...

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