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Continuing Fall Sports: Inside Look From Admin

First home football game of the season against ONW, families of players are required to social distance and wear masks during the game.

Sydney Brown, Editor-in-Chief

October 13, 2020

As Olathe West heads into week 6 of sports this fall season, everything is carrying on as planned with the COVID-19 protocols. The tickets are still limited per player family and only family is allowed in the game. Friends and other students are not allowed in. Indoor athletes are required to wear m...

Senior Girls Commit to Play College Basketball Over the Summer

Senior Girls Commit to Play College Basketball Over the Summer

Tyler Burkett, Writer

October 12, 2020

Over summer break, seniors Bailey Collar and Mackenzie Hart signed to play basketball at the collegiate level.  For both players, this accomplishment was the culmination of many years of work. “I started playing basketball in second grade when I was 8 years old,” Collar said. “So I’ve be...

Cancelled Spring Sports, and their Seniors

Cancelled Spring Sports, and their Seniors

Sydney Brown, Editor N Chief

May 4, 2020

Recently, Kansas students found out that they would not be returning to school for the rest of the year. With this news, spring athletes had to say goodbye to their seasons which had not even started. For seniors, this meant letting go of a season most of them waited to play for years.    ...

Makayla Rivera Lays the Foundation for Future Girl Wrestlers

Makayla Rivera leaves the first of many handprints on the wallf of Olateh West to commemorate her work through the wrestling season.

Riley Keiter, Writer

May 4, 2020

Like other high schools, West has offered wrestling as a boys sport, but this year introduced girls wrestling as well. However, their season was anything but novice, as many girls advanced to place in multiple tournaments. Most notably was freshman Makayla Rivera, who placed second in the girls’ first K...

That ’50s Kid

Matthew Goans poses with his signature leather jacket and a bottle of Buffalo sauce: the inspiration behind his nickname, Sssauce.

Caché Goracke, Editor N Chief

February 21, 2020

You might’ve seen him in the hallways. The kid with the leather boots and the snake on his back. Or maybe you’ve seen a kid with numerous bottles of buffalo sauce and you thought to yourself, ‘why’? Junior Matthew L. Goans, or as he likes to be called, Sssauce, says that few people actually k...

One Step at a Time

Maddy McGavran runs down the court during the home basketball game on Dec. 13.

Olivia Eisenhauer, Writer

December 23, 2019

As far as sports are concerned, basketball is well known for its injuries caused by contact, such as ankle sprains or pulled hamstrings. But, this wasn’t the case with senior Maddy McGavran. “It wasn’t contact," McGavran said. "I was basically just turning around.” During her sophomore...

Beating Cancer and Filling Stockings

Angela Holtgraves smiles with a nurse after undergoing her  third round of chemotherapy.

Caché Goracke, Editor and Chief

December 11, 2019

Breast Cancer took her grandmother. That was the reason her father became a diagnostic radiologist, as well as the reason she went to get a mammogram the moment she felt something was off. After several hours of waiting for the mammogram's results, the nurse came in and told her she had to go home. ...

Out-of-State Pursuit

Out-of-State Pursuit

Allysa Moore, Contributing Writer

November 7, 2019

Friday nights in Kansas oftentimes consist of attending a varsity game and then wandering around Walmart until being asked to leave. That's why senior Ellie Steere cannot wait to get out of Kansas. Along with many other kids, Steere believes that Kansas is boring. “There’s nothing really to do...

Band Concludes Marching Season with Many Achievements

Band Concludes Marching Season with Many Achievements

Brendan Ulmer, Writer

October 30, 2019

There’s a team of students here at Olathe West that a group of nationally certified judges believe to be perfect at their activity. A group of students who perform with such gusto, their presence can be felt half a mile down the road. A group of students who often practice before, during, and after schoo...

Volleyball Seniors Share Reflections

Senior Ellie Wiltanger high fives fellow senior Bethany Allison after a scored point.

Olivia Eisenhauer, Writer

October 15, 2019

Just before the night of Oct. 10, senior night, the five seniors being honored reflected on their years as an Owl. The seniors honored included Ellie Wiltanger, Bethany Allison, Katie O’Keefe, Olivia Goebel and Dominique Loveless, each one ranging in two to three years of commitment to the program si...

2019 Homecoming Royalty Profiles

Homecoming King and Queen Austin Curry and Donna Garcia pose for pictures after being crowned.

Riley Keiter and Brett Bowers

October 14, 2019

Voting is done, royalty has been chosen, and the dance has happened. The homecoming court represents the people whom each grade feels represents Olathe West the best. Each member of the court shared a little bit about themselves.

Carrying the Colors

Caché Goracke, Editor-in-Chief

October 4, 2019

When Athletic Director Pat Butler, approached Detective Brent Groves about getting a group of students together to present the flags at the boys state tennis conference last spring, Groves decided to take it a step further.  “I’ve been in the military,” Groves said. “I went to military school as ...

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