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Unequal ACT Scores Among Various Demographics Raise Questions About Bias

Research has shown that certain ethnical groups habitually score lower on the ACT.
December 18, 2020

ACT scores have always played a prominent role in post-secondary education, but is the test unfair for some students? Looking into the demographics of the ACT, it has been found that students of different...

Special Education Students and Staff Adapt to Pandemic Challenges

While all students have faced many changes and challenges this year, the special education department has had to make even more adaptations to accommodate their students.
December 18, 2020

It’s been a difficult year for everyone. That pretty much goes without saying. But, it’s been particularly hard on a department that is often overlooked: the Special Education department, or SPED.  The...

Students and Staff Change Lives Through ‘Give a Hoot’

Julie Fishburn's advisory collected donations for the Bow Project last year for their Give a Hoot project.
December 16, 2020

Olathe West’s award-winning Give a Hoot project is now in its fourth year of operation. To some, this annual community service project is just that: a service-learning lesson that is only relevant one...

Life Through the Eyes of a Covid-19 Patient

People who get COVID-19 are often the only one to contract it of most people they know.
December 10, 2020

In the last eight months, many people have quarantined themselves, worn masks every day, and social distanced as much as possible. With all the precautions that people have taken, a lot of them are lucky...

Emily Yan’s Guide for How to Take the ACT Like a Pro

Emily Yan gives some ACT testing advice for students preparing for the test.
November 23, 2020

The ACT is quite possibly one of the most important tests in a student’s academic career. Scores earned on the test are sent to colleges and can determine not only whether or not a student is accepted...

Student Council Continues Work through the Pandemic

Student Council meets on their usual Zoom meetings on Tuesday nights, every week.
November 17, 2020

While some fall activities have been able to go on this year with nothing more than a few small changes for mitigation, others have had to do quite a bit of adapting in search of a whole new approach.  Student...

Social Distancing, But Make It Digital

After deleting all social media off his phone, Tyler Burkett explains his experience doing without.
November 12, 2020

Social media is a parasite. Not in the physical sense where it hops out of your phone sucking the life out of you. No, it can’t do that. But in a much more real sense, it sucks time away from you so...

Senior Girls Commit to Play College Basketball Over the Summer

Senior Girls Commit to Play College Basketball Over the Summer
October 12, 2020

Over summer break, seniors Bailey Collar and Mackenzie Hart signed to play basketball at the collegiate level.  For both players, this accomplishment was the culmination of many years of work. “I...

Cancelled Spring Sports, and their Seniors

Cancelled Spring Sports, and their Seniors
May 4, 2020

Recently, Kansas students found out that they would not be returning to school for the rest of the year. With this news, spring athletes had to say goodbye to their seasons which had not even started....

Makayla Rivera Lays the Foundation for Future Girl Wrestlers

Makayla Rivera leaves the first of many handprints on the wallf of Olateh West to commemorate her work through the wrestling season.
May 4, 2020

Like other high schools, West has offered wrestling as a boys sport, but this year introduced girls wrestling as well. However, their season was anything but novice, as many girls advanced to place in...

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