Homecoming Soccer

Paige Snider

The decision to have a double-header seemed like a logical one, and a simple way to maximize attendees.


“I think it was smart to have a double-header, that way you can get more people out to support both the soccer and football program, and it is kind of like a two for one deal,” Varsity goalie Ryan Sauter (10) said.


But with more viewers, the pressure increases, and as this was the homecoming game, the stakes increased even more.


“For me personally, I treat any game the same no matter where it’s at or who’s watching. I try my best to play good and help the team out,” soccer player Abel Ambessie (11) said.


It was essential to stay calm throughout the game, and Varsity player Quincy Masters (10) was prepared.


“Before the game, I just relax and keep a calm state of mind, and during I just play like I’m supposed to and I have faith that it’ll work,” Masters said.


The team’s hard work paid off with an Olathe West win and a final score of 3-1.