Opinion: Is Maternal Care in Hospitals Enough?


Postpartum care is definitely something that needs to be improved. Many women after giving birth get diseases and even die from lack of care after giving birth. A woman should get proper care after giving birth, especially if the side effects are life-threatening. New babies and mothers should have more care in the hospital because mothers can suffer many different fatalities after giving birth.

about 830 women die from preventable causes related to pregnancy and childbirth”

Mothers should have more time to get adjusted to life after giving birth. Women can get sick after giving birth because their health was not well enough to leave the hospital yet. Women can even die from not being well enough to take their baby home after 24 hours. According to The World Health Organization, “about 830 women die from preventable causes related to pregnancy and childbirth”. A disease that can occur after giving birth is postpartum depression. Women with postpartum depression are more likely to develop severe depression later in life. PPD is something that can be prevented.

Women spending more time in the hospital could be an issue for some viewpoints. Some would see that women spending more time in the hospital then hospitals would get overcrowded and nurses don’t get paid for it. Patients would have to pay a little bit more to help cover expenses so nurses would get paid for what they are working.

Newborns also have advantages for spending more time in the hospital. Newborns need time to adjust to the world before completely transporting them home. It could be better for newborns to spend more time in the hospital before going home because the hospitals allow time for mothers to bond with their baby and hold and to care for their newborn. It gives time for the baby to adjust to breastfeeding. Also, mothers and newborns can get plenty of rest recovering from labor.

When it comes to education about motherhood, it can be tough to figure everything out. It is important for mothers or soon-to-be mothers to be prepared for what is coming. It is important to know what new mothers health can be like and how to take care of yourself and as well as the newborns health and how to take care of a newborn child. My teacher’s friend was recently in the hospital after giving birth and the nurse didn’t really help to educate the new mother on breastfeeding and she was left to figure it out on her own. Mothers that are not taught how to breastfeed are more likely to give up on it later sauce they were poorly educated on the subject. There are many health benefits to breastfeeding for newborns and mothers so mothers not having that information and not knowing how to can be an issue. Some people would say that is the mother’s job, but if a new mother is uneducated, the hospital should help in as many ways they can and point them to resources that can help them be educated.

After the hard act of labor, mothers need to get more time in the hospital to ensure that their health is well and they are ready to take home their baby. Women should get at least 24 more hours in the hospital to reduce the risk of disease. People should educate themselves on this topic and take action and advocate for people who are struggling form health issues after giving birth. Someday when you may become a parent yourself you will want to be educated on the subject.