Social Media Cleanse

December 21, 2018


The whole point of Social Media used to be to share parts of our lives and stay more connected with one another. But lately, it has morphed into something uglier. Studies have shown that it decreases your self-confidence and makes you envious of other peoples lives. Social Media is also really good at taking up your time. Snapchat was actually invented in such a way that makes it addictive. Matt Bice, Sydney Brown, Ché Goracke, Riley Keiter, and Paige Snider collectively decided to not use any social media apps from midnight Monday, Dec. 3, until midnight Friday the 7. The rules were simple, don’t use any apps that Apple classifies as Social Networking, unless you are using it for school or texting. If you cave and use social media before the week is over, you will be disqualified.

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