Top 10 Christmas Wish List

Riley Keiter and Abi Cantu


Over the course of about a month, interviews of 100 people were taken at Olathe West. There were 25 randomly selected individuals each grade who each gave answers to the following question: “If you could have anything, anything, for Christmas, what would it be?”. The answers were written down and compiled into a list of 10 sections: Cars, Travel, Money/Wealth, Tech, Self-Change, Other, Food, Animals, a Safe Future, and Quality Time with Loved Ones.


10: Quality Time With Loved Ones-

This is by far the most wholesome answers, and four people responded with them. From specifically spending time with family, to friends, to people they miss from past schools and homes, these people care about their loved ones greatly.


9: Safe Future-

This section was extremely common among seniors. Of course, the five answers consisted partly of three full-ride scholarships to varying schools. But one person figured that the root of all their future problems was starting now, and simply demanded better teachers who wouldn’t nag him about homework. His words, not mine.


8: Animals-

There were a total of five answers that were for animals, both real and fictional. From a polar bear to a unicorn, a hippo to two answers about horses, the biggest shock was that no one asked for something they could actually have in their house. The priorities of the people in this section were maybe a little off-balance. The only reason this section took 8th place rather than Safe Future was that this section was more dominant among all students, rather than a single grade.

7: Food-

There were six people who contributed to this slice. This was bound to be a section, everyone loves food, but what is shocking are the very specific types of food people asked for. For example, one person asked for straight-up a plate of cheesy ravioli. Another asked for a bag of Reese’s, another for kelp juice (from Spongebob), and another for tartar sauce, (again from Spongebob). You would think that unlimited chicken pot pie would be the smartest answer, however, the basic answer of unlimited food covers all bases, was clearly is the most clever option to the person who gave it.

6: Other-

Now, the most exciting section. In this part are eight answers, all who were strange enough not to fit into the basic layout of answers. When I say strange, I don’t mean lavish or expensive or unattainable, I mean answers such as socks, Chris Brown, and two people who wished to impeach Trump. Alternative answers were: their own sports tv show, meeting Five Seconds of Summer, and the blatant, but powerful, answer of “everything”.


5: Self-Change-

This section surprisingly doesn’t have as many people as one would think, at 10 answers. But these answers are at the same time the strangest and most relatable out of any section. One person said they want to be bald, another said they want naturally blue hair, and another asked for hair extensions. There was also a better IQ, not to be ugly, and three really sad answers about depression and family. Overall, getting these answers was a very unique experience.


4: Tech-

Tech answers were given by 11 people, five of which asked for gaming consoles. Surprisingly, only one of those asked for a Nintendo Switch, and the rest were mostly reasonable. Most others were phones, a Garmen watch, and a few other Apple products. However, one wanted a Sony A7R3 Camera and stated specifically that they would not, under any circumstance, accept another.  


3: Money/Wealth-

Infinite money, two private jets, and two mansions were all mentioned in this section. There were 12 people who fit into this section, and all of their answers were extravagant, expensive, and in no way attainable by anyone who lived in Johnson County, Kansas. Other important mentions are their dream house and “all money”. Yes, they really meant “all money”.


2: Travel-

This was our second section with the most people, for good reason. Most answers were broad, Greece, Canada, Disneyland, Europe, but and a few people asked to travel the entire world. One person wanted to go to Salina, which according to Google Maps is two and a half hours from Olathe West. Some people lack the ability to dream big, I guess.


1: Cars-

Cars were our most requested answer, at 26 people, but though the answer seems basic many answers were anything but boring. For example, a gold Lamborghini. Over those 26 answers, there were simple ones, BMWs, Catalacs, but there was also the answers a baby blue Bug, a black Hummer with flames painted on the hood, and a bright yellow Porsche.


Overall, the answers demonstrated a lot about Olathe West and the students here. That is, each student has very different ideas and ways of seeing the world. However, in the end, the culture is as creative as what we want for Christmas. From unlimited chicken pot pie to a scholarship to UCLA, at Olathe West, we certainly know how to reach for the stars.

Except for the person who’s dream was to go to Salina, another boring small town in Kansas.