Five Weird College Scholarships that You’ve Never Heard of

Every year students search for scholarships. These are some of the more abnormal scholarships.

Every year students search for scholarships. These are some of the more abnormal scholarships.

Peyton Carley

 The average cost for college tuition at an in-state university in the U.S. adds up to be a very expensive $9,970. That number climbs even higher when out-of-state colleges are thrown into the mix at $25,620. Regardless of where students are financially, it is in their best interest to apply for as many scholarships they can to cut down the cost for college. Struggling to figure out what to apply for? Well, look no further than this article, where we dive into a few of the weirdest and out of the box scholarships you probably have never heard of.


Every year in Stuttgart, Arizona, the Chick and Sophie Major Memorial Duck Calling Contest is held. If you are interested in winning up to $2,000 in scholarship money for college, then, by all means, go participate. This scholarship makes this list because depending on where you place in the top four in this competition, you can get a healthy amount of scholarship money. By coming in fourth place, you will get $500. Third place gets $750, second gets $1,000, and the grand prize of first place is $2,000 in scholarship money. It’s simple really, just play a good enough duck call to impress the judges and get $2,000 in college money. Piece of cake right?


Do you remember the Cinderella story of the Loyola-Chicago University basketball in the 2018 NCAA Tournament? Well if that surprised you, just wait until you hear this. That same college that made an improbable run to the Final Four last year, offers a very exclusive and very weird scholarship. The only way you can qualify for the Zolp Scholarship is, you must be Catholic, and you must have the last name “Zolp.” Yes, that’s correct. If your last name is not Zolp, then don’t even consider this an option. The only things you have to provide to get this scholarship is a birth certificate to prove your name, and a baptism or confirmation certificate to prove you are Catholic. According to there are fewer than 122 people in America with the last name Zolp. I’d say It’s safe to say that this scholarship is extremely limited to people.


Do you think you’re funny? Because I hope you are if you want to receive $1,500 in scholarship money, the “Make Me Laugh” scholarship solely requires you to write an essay in 250 words or less. You must an embarrassing story about yourself (real or fictional) that you think will make people laugh. If a judge of your response laughs out loud at your submission, then you are granted a hefty scholarship of $1,500 for your comedic ability.


One of the most classic sandwich combinations ever made is easy and simple to make peanut butter and jelly. Just a simple spread of PB and J on bread. Well, have you thought of all the different things you can make out of that sandwich? Now I’m not talking about using creamy or crunchy peanut butter, or strawberry or grape jelly. I’m talking about making something like a Banana Split Quesadilla sandwich. If you want to earn a whopping $25,000 in scholarship money with the “Peanut Butter Sandwich” scholarship, just create the most creative sandwich you can while using literally any food you can get your hands on. The only catch is that you have to use Jif brand peanut butter on the creation. Note, that it only has to be the most creative, it does not have to taste good. It’s all about looks and your own imagination with this one. Just throw together a sandwich with peanut butter and go crazy!


You know, sometimes being tall pays off. And by saying “pays off”, I mean literally pays off. If you are a man over 6 feet 2 inches or a woman over 5 feet 11 inches, you can earn money for college through the “Tall Clubs International” foundation. All you have to do is, just be taller I guess. The only other requirement for the scholarship is that you must write an essay on the prompt “What Being Tall Means to Me.” But there is no limit on how long or short the essay has to be. If you meet those requirements, you could be entitled to $1,000 in scholarship money. Just for being tall you can get that much money? Well, sign me up then!


Wow. People are willing to do some crazy things for money. But in the end, it is probably worth the small task to end up with hundreds of dollars!