Green Tech facilitator Cody Janousek introduces the 21st Century program to a future freshman on Eighth Grade Transition Day. Janousek explains how solar panels, such as the ones outside of West, function and do their job.

Abi Cantu

Starting Fresh(men)

Seniors and eighth graders both share their thoughts on high school.

February 22, 2019

Leading up to and also at the recent Eighth Grade Transition Day, several questions about moving on to new schools and opportunities were asked to both the seniors leaving West this year and the eighth graders coming in as new freshman next year. The questions were nearly identical, but mirrored to see exactly how different and similar these grades are.

The Seniors – Class of 2019

  1. What were you most looking forward to about High School?

Kevin Mora-

“It felt like a complete new environment… but I liked making new friends with all the new people from other middle schools.”

  1. What were you most scared about going into High School?

Tijen Jones-

“The layout of the school. It was at Olathe North, so not that easy to get around.”

Mecaila Penman-

“Finding people who I click with.”

  1. What will you miss about High School?

Jonas Pinkerton-

“Friends. That’s the biggest thing. We’ll all go our separate ways and stuff.”

  1. What class or subject are you most looking forward to in college?

Juliann Soloman-

“Biology. I’m majoring in biological engineering.”

  1. What about you has changed most from your Freshman years?

Hannah Gilmore-

“Maturity. Freshman year, you slack off, you don’t really pay attention. Then you think ‘Oh, shoot, life is really starting I need to focus’”.

Destiny Wilson-

“I personally gained more confidence. My freshman year, I was terrified of what people would think of me.”

  1. What did you think about not having lockers when coming into West?

Dominic Messina-

“In my opinion, [having no lockers is] a lot better. Because you can just keep everything on you at once. If you have books and stuff it may be a problem, but if you just have your bag on you don’t have to worry about going to your locker in the middle of the day, you can just go to your next class.”

  1. Were you scared of the Seniors as a Freshman?

Kala Parkes-

“Honestly, no. I’ve always been friends with older people, never really with my grade. I usually got along better with them. But Freshmen are very scared of me now.”

Jacob Little-

“No. Seniors, I guess were pretty cool for their age, so no.”

  1. What would you have wished to know before going into High School?

Sarah Neilsen-

“Join clubs and activities, and try to interact in people with classes, because it can be kind of hard to make friends, especially as a new person.”

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    The Freshmen – Class of 2023

    1. What are you most looking to about High School?

    Zahra Andela from Mission Trail-

    “I wanna get better at art mostly, and soccer, so I have more things to look forward to. Things that I actually like in the future, so I don’t have to get stuck at a McDonalds working there. I wanna maybe do art as a profession, and I’m on a soccer team now.”

    1. What scares you most coming into High School?

    Vincent Gatschet from St. Paul Middle School-

    “Probably getting to class on time. I’ve gotten the main part down, but in the back of the building it gets really confusing.”

    1. What will you miss about Middle School?

    Hudson Graessle from Mission Trail-

    “It’s easy to navigate around, and all my friends. I feel like in a week, I’ll be ok here, but I’ll miss the old layout.”

    1. What class or subject are you most looking forward to in High School?

    Ryan Seiter from Mission Trail-

    “I’m looking forward to Debate, mostly. Science and some other classes will be interesting, too.”

    Salena Tipton from Chisolm Trail-

    “I’m most looking forward to marching band, I really like the band at Chisolm, where I go, and I think I’ll like it here.”

    1. What do you think you think you will need to change about yourself to be successful in High School?

    Quincee Ysusi from Prairie Trail-

    “Daily habits. What time I wake up, and biting my nails, just little things to change.”

    1. What do you think about not having lockers?

    Meritt Lane from Indian Trail-

    “I was pretty scared of all that, but the people here seem fine with it so I hope that I’ll get used to it. Having them in elementary and middle school and then not in high school will be weird, but  think I’ll make it.”

    1. Are you scared of the seniors at West?

    Madison Dohogne from Mission Trail-

    “Kind of. They’re sort of intimidating, you know?”

    1. What do you want to know about High School before you go here?

    Maddie Carde from Chisolm Trail-

    “How long do you think it takes to know your way around the school and know the people around it?”

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