Student Council Brings In Therapy Dogs for Stress Relief on Thursday of Mental Health Awareness Week


Therapy dog Murphy also was included in the Power 50 session.

Olivia Eisenhauer, Writer

One in five teens qualify as clinically depressed. According to Mental Health Today, 20% of teens are clinically depressed. Due to these alarming statistics,  the counseling staff came to the Mental Health Committee of Student Council for help. The week of Sept. 9-13 the committee assisted with activities for Mental Health Week. 

Ava Laffoon is the head chair of the committee and Lydia Falen is the second chair. Both are very aware of the importance of the matter.

“We’ve both been through a lot so it’s just on the forefront of our minds,” Falen said.

On Thursday of Mental Health Week, the committee planned for therapy dogs to come during Power 50. Students could sign up to spend time with the two therapy dogs, Murphy and Baxter. Dogs have been proven to lower blood pressure and stress. 

“I went to first half and I was shocked how much it helped because it was a very stressful week,” Laffoon said.

Other activities put on throughout the week included Student Council hanging up photos of celebrities that struggled with mental health, allowing students to write notes to their friends during Power 50 that would be delivered in class, and putting treats in the teachers’ workrooms. 

“It’s not just the student’s mental health that’s important, it’s the teachers too,” Falen said.

Lastly, green ribbons were tied around the doors to the counselors’ offices, as the location of the offices was something the committee thought may be difficult for the student body to find.