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Remy Burris – Sophomore Candidate

Sophomore Candidate

What are you looking forward to most about homecoming week?

“The homecoming football game. It’s going to be really exciting. I’m on the JV team.”

What is an irrational fear that you have?

“I don’t like feet. If you have bare feet, no socks on, no shoes on, I’m not talking to you. It’s so scary.”

What is one word to describe you?


What is a pet peeve that you have?

“When the car volume is on an odd number. It has to be on an even one.”

What is something not many people know about you?

“I’m sort of good at piano.”

Who is your favorite teacher at West?

 “Ms. Singharaj. She’s really cool, really chill, and was really nice to me. She just makes her classes fun.”

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