Is it Written in the Stars?


Astrology is all constructed around the placements and constellations of stars. Your sign is based on the constellation’s position when you are born.

Brett Bowers

Many years ago, back in 3000 B.C., a new culture was created in Babylon. This culture and scientific commonality is known as a subcategory in astrology. In easier terms, the zodiac. Long ago, a form of understanding was created, and still reigns today. Over 90% of adults in the world are aware of their zodiac sign, according to The Conversation, meaning this pop culture trend is immensely widespread.

 For those who don’t know; your zodiac sign is a label you’re given depending on where the stars aligned when you were born. For some, this label is what they form their life around. Unlike believers, some do not believe that zodiac signs have any meaning. 

“I think that Zodiac signs and horoscopes are too vague,” junior Kaelyn Hanna (Leo) said.  “They are too general and don’t actually get specific. They say things that everyone can relate to. The only accuracy I’ve found in it is stuff that everyone can relate to.”

While many people agree with Hanna, there is still a large demographic who passionately believe in the Zodiac.

“I totally believe in Zodiac astrology,” junior Ava Laffoon (Gemini) said. “I perfectly fit the description on a Gemini. Horoscopes are accurate as well. On the day of my car wreck, my horoscope told me that five o’clock was the time something life-changing was going to happen, and that is the time where the car accident happened,”

This isn’t the first peculiar instance of something being foretold by horoscopes, as many others have had the same.

“I’ve had some weird instances it,” junior Chyler Percival (Gemini) said. “People will come up to me and give me advice, or give me [an] opportunity, and I’ll be like ‘OMG, my horoscope said that someone was gonna do that.’”

Though these instances are peculiar, it still doesn’t convince some, who believe it is entirely based on circumstance.

“People talk about weird things that their horoscope predicts, but they don’t take into account that it probably is just a coincidence,” Hanna said. “Plus, I think personality isn’t at all about where the stars were aligned in the sky, but it’s more of the people you surround yourself with, and what you gain from them.”

Despite their disbelief, the non-believers in zodiac signs do understand the appeal.

“I think that people just want to learn about themselves and that they try hard to relate to something just because they want to fit into a category,” Hanna said.

Others, however, disagree with Hanna, and think that you can learn to believe in zodiac signs, and their meanings.

“I didn’t really believe in it at first, and I thought that it was too vague and that people just wanted to relate to something,” Laffoon said. “But then, I really looked into it, and I saw that the traits I am assigned to have. They really do apply to me, and they’re not vague at all. It tells me some pretty specific things that I feel.”

Though these two opinions differ, there is, in fact, a middle ground, where people only believe to an extent.

“I believe in star signs to an extent,” Percival said. “Sometimes I find that horoscopes are really general and that they don’t really get into detail, but on the personality side of things, I think it is very accurate. I think a lot can be said about a person based on their sign, at least it’s true for me. But most of the time people just make stuff up to be quirky.”