Xanadu Cast and Crew Prepares for Upcoming Show

Sydney Brown, Managing Editor

OW theatre is putting together Xanadu, a musical roughly based on the 1980 movie of the same name. During the show, the cast will sing, dance and even be on roller skates for most of the show. The cast of about 24 plan to put on their show Nov. 22-23 at 7 p.m.

The cast has been preparing the show since early September and have been having rehearsals every day after school.

“We have had a lot of very long rehearsals, some as long as 10 o’clock,” said lead actress Kalista Brown. “We’ve been working on our acting, singing, and dancing and then crew has been working on light cues, and sound cues, and putting together our set, which took a long time, but it looks gorgeous now.”

Alisha Morris, the theatre director, has been working with the cast to finish up the final details for the show.

“The cast has been rehearsing for about two months actually, with auditions in mid-September,” Morris said. “They actually had all summer to prepare, so a lot of them went roller skating every week this summer to get better, and that really paid off for their auditions.”

Brown and Weston Curnow will be the leads of the play; Brown playing Kira, and Curnow playing Sonny Malone.

“This year’s production is going to be really exciting, Curnow said. “It will be a lot of fun as many people know that a majority of the show takes place on roller skates in a disco kind of area. There will be lots of bright colors and disco lights and the costumes will be very bright since this takes place in the early 80s.”

The cast and crew’s long rehearsals have all been leading up to the big event.

“I think we are ready for the show, every rehearsal we get better and better,” Brown said.