Administrator Heads to Miami With Super Bowl-Bound Chiefs

Tyler Burkett, Writer

The Kansas City Chiefs football team headed to the Super Bowl in Miami after a commanding win over the Tennesse Titans in the AFC Championship game, and assistant principal Josh Umphrey was on the sidelines with them.

“This is my first time at the Super Bowl,” Umphrey said. “My dad’s had multiple opportunities to go to the Super Bowl, but he’s chosen to not go and watch the game with me.”

Umphrey works with his father in a sports photography company that was contracted by the NFL to shoot photos at the Super Bowl.

“I got the passion from my dad,” Umphrey said. “From a pretty young age, I took an interest in it with him. I’ve had some opportunities to go to some cool places with him.”

Umphrey spoke about how he got the opportunity to shoot for the NFL in Miami.

“They typically contract out through various companies like my dad,” Umphrey said. “I don’t technically work directly for the NFL, but the NFL will see the pictures I take from the Super Bowl and have some rights to those.”

Umphrey also touched on his double life as a school administrator and a professional photographer.

“I really do love my job here at Olathe West,” Umphrey said. “It’s who I am on the forefront, but it’s also this separate life that I live that I kinda keep to myself. I don’t think up until this happened a lot of people even knew that existed in my life.”

Umphrey headed out for Miami this weekend to have a definitely warmer experience, shooting photos for the NFL. While his family missed him, they were still be able to see him on the sidelines of the game.