Post-Season Kicks Off For Boys and Girl Basketball


Sydney Brown, Editor-in-Chief


Both the boys and girls basketball teams successfully made it to the postseason. The girls played their first game this past Wednesday, March 3 and the boys Thursday, March 4. 

The girls game against Gardner started with an early lead from West, ending the first quarter with a score of 21-9. Junior Bailey Collar talks about how she felt going into the game.

“I was excited and ready since it was the start of playoffs. We were excited to possibly get our first playoff win ever,” Collar said.

The team kept up their lead for the entire game with a score of 30-16 at halftime and a final score of 62-37. 

“We played really good,” senior Maddy McGavran said. “We played as a team and we always play good when we hype each other up and have a positive attitude throughout the whole game.”

West hosted the sub-state championship game on Friday March 6.

“I think we need to be mentally prepared and know that it’s a tough team but we’re good too and we just have to stay positive and know that we have a chance,” Collar said.

The boys game on Thursday was against Olathe East with West hosting. The game started out with a lead from East, ending the first quarter with a score of 8-16.

“I was confident,” said junior Carter Lichtsinn. “We had a good week of practice. We beat them before and we could do it again.”

East kept their lead up, even though West came close to a comeback, it wasn’t enough to win, ending with a score of 42-53.

“I think we played below average,” junior Aidan Sturdivan said. “We have played many better games than that.” 

The boys team ended their season with a record of 15-5 and a Sunflower League Champions title.

“I think it’s something to learn from,” said Lichtsinn. “Losing first round knowing that you are a higher seated team and not overthinking things.”