10 Cheap Activities For Spring Break


Matt Bice, Writer

If you are staying home for spring break, you may be lost on what to do with so much time and not enough money. Here is a list of interesting things to do around the area, all for less than $11. This way, you can enjoy your spring break on a budget.


1. Geocaching

Cost: Free

Geocaching is a free app in the app store that allows you to hunt down caches with fun trinkets and surprises. The app will show you the locations of full geocaches and lets you go hunt them down to find what’s inside. After you take out what’s inside, comes the next part, you need to replace the item with something else fun. It is a fun activity that is free


2. Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art

Cost: Free

The museum is full of exhibitions from local artists. The museum is a part of Johnson County Community College, which has been one of the top 10 universities for public art in the United States. The museum not only holds local art, but also some prestigious art as well. Critics have ranked it alongside the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art. The museum is free of charge to view the art.


3. Mahaffie

Cost: $3 

Mahaffie Farmstead is a historical sight in Olathe, where you can experience what it was like back in the days without all the modern technology we have. You can explore all they have to offer from a barn centered around agricultural heritage to a civil war heritage center. Over spring break they have a special event called Living History. Living history runs from 10 a.m.-4 p.m.on Thursday and Friday, March 18-19 where they have live demonstrations and carriage rides. 


4. Deaf Culture Center

Cost: Free

This center is home to the William J. Marra Museum of Deaf History. The museum features exhibits about the history of ASL, important deaf figures in history, and important events in deaf history. The museum is not only for the deaf; the museum has hearing employees as well as deaf. 


5. Nelson Atkins

Cost: Free for the base museum 

This is another art museum, this one located in downtown Kansas City. The Nelson Atkins Museum not only is stunning architecturally but holds renowned works as well as fascinating exhibits. The current exhibit at the museum is the Queen Nefertari: Eternal Egypt Exhibit. The exhibit is $10 with a student ID and $16 without.


6. Museum at Prairie Fire

Cost: $10 per person for exhibit

The Museum at Prairie Fire has three different sections: the great hall, the exhibit, and the discovery room. The great hall is free to all, it houses exhibits on Paleontology which features a dinosaur skeleton and much more. The discovery room is great for little children; it allows them to explore the world of science hands-on. The current exhibit on display is the Liberty Bell 7 + Apollo Redux and Permian monsters. These exhibits are $10 per person to visit.


7. Smiley’s Mini Golf

Cost: $10.50 per person

Mini golf is a great activity for a group to go do. The course includes unique 18 holes full of obstacles to try and golf around. The course here is based on famous golf courses from around the world. Smiley’s also has a driving range and a normal 18 hole course as well.


8. Kansas Museum of History

Cost: Free

The Kansas Museum of History is in Topeka, Kansas and features many exhibits as well as a 2.5-mile nature trail. The current exhibits at the museum are the women’s equality movement (the right to vote), the #MarthaMakesHistory exhibit, and the hands-on exhibit names the discovery place. The museum is free to all who want to learn about the history of our state.


9. Parks

Cost: Free

There are many great parks in the Johnson County area that you are able to visit and immerse yourself in nature, either alone or with a friend. You can visit Ernie Miller, explore the immense trail system and then return and see the animals that they have for your learning. There is Kill Creek Park, 884 acres of room to roam, 12 miles of trails, and even a beach on a large lake. The best part about visiting the parks is that they are free.


10. JOCO Museum

Cost: $5 with student ID if over 18 and under 18 $4

The Johnson county museum explores the local heritage and history as well as having exhibits aimed towards children. The museum has exhibits such as a tour of a 1950s house, their signature exhibit becoming Johnson County, and their new special exhibit Savages and Princesses, which is about the persistence of Native American stereotypes. They will have free admission on Thursday, March 18 any other day it is $4 if you are under the age of 18 and $5 with a student ID if you are over 18.