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Grae Danner

Activities: Theatre, Drama

Political Party: Unaffiliated


Senior Grae Danner is new to West, having moved here from Kentucky. Never having been extremely invested in politics, Danner focuses more on their social life. However, with the upcoming election, they find it more and more important to educate themselves, while trying to remain as unbiased as possible.

As an unaffiliated person, Danner wants to keep an open mind to new ideas.

“A lot of people get really mad when someone else is affiliated with a party that they’re not affiliated with,” Danner said. “It just starts a lot of arguments so I’d prefer not to get involved in that kind of stuff until I’m able to vote.”

Danner keeps a low head when involved in debates, but nevertheless has strong opinions on the justice system.

“The judicial system is really messed up,” Danner said. “The way that most things are handled with the police and court system…there could definitely be some revisions in those areas.”

Race relations and the public safety conversation are extremely important to them, and they partly attribute recent issues to President Trump. His influence on America has, according to Danner, worsened communication.

“At this point, I’d go for anyone except Trump,” Danner said about the next election.

Republican or Democrat, Danner doesn’t have much of a preference. They really just want recognition on public safety issues.

“I am definitely not a supporter of police brutality,” Danner said, “There are people who think that [civilains] get what they deserve and that it’s not that big of an issue, but I feel like it’s a very huge issue that needs to be fixed.”

More than anything, Danner wants the young generation to educate and empower themselves.

“Your opinion matters, your voice counts,” Danner said.

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