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Lydia Falen

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Political Party: Republican


Junior Lydia Falen has grown up in a house divided. 

“My sister is a Democrat, my stepdad’s a Democrat, my mom is Republican, my grandparents both sides are Republican, my dad’s Republican,” Falen said. “But I mean we definitely have liberals in my family and Republicans in my family, so we’re not all one way.”

Despite all the differing views in her household, Falen has not failed to form her own political beliefs. She supports President Donald Trump.

“Honestly I think Trump’s a really good candidate,” Falen said. “I mean, there’s a lot of really good people but I don’t know how many of them could handle the stress of [being President]. Our economy is the best it’s ever been, women employment is the highest it’s ever been, Black employment is the highest it’s ever been.”

Falen also voices her support for Trump after his recent Covid-19 diagnosis. 

“Getting Covid [as president] is kind of inevitable,” she said. “I mean all the people he works around…you don’t wear a mask around your friends, he’s not gonna wear a mask in his office…all those people go home, go to their families. There’s a lot of people that are wishing him dead and all this stuff because of it and like, you’re kind of a terrible human being. But anyways, if you think about the president, he’s so highly protected, and so all these people are like ‘Oh he’s asking for it.’ Like no, he’s probably the most protected person in our country, and he still got it.”

Falen also has faith that come November, Trump will prevail after the election, sharing how she believes that Trump will have the majority of votes.

Though Falen identifies as a Republican, she is always willing to look at both sides of an argument. She also appreciates the way America operates under a democracy. 

“I think there needs to be more exposing the truth on both sides,” she said. “There’s a lot of backlash so we don’t really know what to trust. The media is so ingested with false news that no one really knows what to believe. I mean, there’s two sides to every story and we never really get the full side for Republican and Democrat. Like, both things are biased.”

Furthermore, Falen condemns our nation’s two party system. She believes that it would be more effective for people to vote simply based on which candidate they prefer, instead of feeling the need to choose sides.

Honestly, if we were going to get rid of the two parties, I think that would be helpful,” Falen said. “If we really just ran based on who people were and what their policies were, I think we’d really get good people in office. I think people get, you know, caught up in Republican-Democrat labels and not the person.”

To Falen, a politician’s biggest goal should be bringing peace to our nation. However, she believes that we have a long way to go.

“I feel like a lot of things need to be exposed, like human trafficking, and Hollywood needs to be defunded, because the people in Hollywood are part of all the human trafficking, and that really just needs to be exposed,” Falen said. “Stop checking egos and just go expose them because it’s wrong.”

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