Ellie Pogorek

Who do you think will win the 2020 election? 

“I think, as of now, Biden is going to win” – Abby Gonzalez, junior

“I’ve seen both sides, I don’t know which [will win]. There’s been a lot of different supporters but I think Biden is going to win right now.” – Emma Seibel, junior 

“I think it will be a very close call, I know that this is one of our bigger voting turnout that we’ve ever had, but I think that Trump will end up winning.” – Morgan Stanley, junior 

“The news says Biden [will win] but in the last election the news said Hillary so I’d probably have to go with Biden but I’m sure there’s still a strong chance Trump will win.” – Dylan Hall, sophomore


Who do you want to win?

“I want Biden to win because I feel like Trump, his decisions and how he views things aren’t right towards others and discriminates against other people.” – Abby Gonzalez, junior

“I would like Trump to win again… I’ve seen a lot of things go right in his presidency, I mean he definitely has his downfalls but I think redoing everything all over again he has worked up to, that would end up being kind of disastrous.” – Morgan Stanley, junior 

“Biden. I think he has a better handle on COVID than Trump has.” – Nick Sibert, junior


Why do you want this person to win? 

“Biden brings up more issues and has a plan for [climate change] verses Trump saying he has a plan and not explaining it…Biden supports more things and sees everyone has equal versus everyone against each other.” – Abby Gonzalez, junior

“Trump isn’t the absolute best, but he’s definitely gotten a lot of stuff done, like lowering unemployment and creating more jobs and things along those lines that people are going to want to stick towards.”  – Morgan Stanley, junior

“Look at the economic standpoint of how Trump has run our economy the last 4 years, I feel like that out look would be much better than what Obama did and from what I’ve heard, Joe Biden wants to continue that and that’s why a lot of people are voting for him so I like Trump’s opinions on how to run the country better.”  – Dylan Hall, sophomore


How would you feel if the other candidate were to win?

“I wouldn’t enjoy it if [Biden] won but I think it will end up fine, I think that there would be a lot of new laws passed that I particularly wouldn’t enjoy but I’d live with.”  – Morgan Stanley, junior

“If Trump wins, I think a lot more people would immigrate to Canada so I mean that would help our population.” – Nick Sibert, junior

“I guess it would be interesting, I’ve heard mixed reviews about Biden and about how well he would run, but I’m hoping he does better.” – Emma Seibel, junior


What do you think are each candidate’s best and worst policies that they plan to do in office? 

“I think Biden is definitely going to try to focus on COVID.” – Abby Gonzalez, junior

“I definitely like how Trump doesn’t abide by anyones elses rules and he kind of gets stuff done and that he knows it’s going to work.”  – Morgan Stanley, junior