Top 5 Items to NOT Buy Your Partner This Valentine’s Day


Meredith McCalmon

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, last minute scrambling for a good gift is almost inevitable. It happens to the best of us. When you’re down to the wire, searching for something your partner will love, oftentimes, the meaning of the gift becomes an afterthought. While your significant other will surely love anything you give them, (you know what they say the thought that counts), there are a few gifts you should definitely steer clear of.


1.Discount Items

While everyone enjoys a good deal, discount items may not be an appropriate choice for a Valentine’s Day gift. Though price means nothing when it comes to love, your relationship should probably be worth more then roses from the clearance shelf with the 50% off tag still attached. 


2. Fitness Equipment

Unless this is something your partner specifically asked for, fitness equipment is probably a no-go for a Valentine’s gift. Buying this for your partner may portray a message that you think they need to get in shape, which can come off as arrogant or offensive. 


3. Tacky Jewelry

Let’s face it: the over studded diamond heart necklaces are out of style. Buying items like these may make it seem like you put little effort into your gift. While a cute necklace or ring is always a good option, opt for something a little more classy and personalized. Find out what kind of style your significant other likes, and make a purchase based off of that.

4. Gift Cards (only)

While a gift card to your partner’s favorite store is wonderful, this on its own makes it clear that it was a last-minute gift. Try pairing a gift card with something your significant other has been asking for. 


5. “As Seen on TV” Products

To be quite honest, that Snuggie you bought your partner a few years back probably ended up being used three times and then put in a box under your bed. Many items with the “As Seen on TV” label end up being cheaply made and pointless, usually breaking after a few uses. These items just scream low effort and are better suited for a gag gift.  

Valentine’s Day is a day that should be special for all couples. Gifts are just materials and don’t mean anything when it comes to your relationship, but a good one can enhance your special day even more. Opt for something that will put a smile on your partner’s face, instead of one that will leave them questioning the true meaning of the gift.