The Kissing Booth 3 Is a Cheesy, But Easy Movie to Watch


Nola Miller, Writer

After many months, Netflix has finally released the third part to “The Kissing Booth.” By Aug. 11, the day it was released, it was already listed in the top five in movies on Netflix. Beth Reekles has created this three-part series for the nation to enjoy. This movie is definitely not my favorite, but if you like silly, cheesy romance movies, this is a good pick for you. I would recommend throwing this movie on in the background while doing homework because it’s simple to follow.


For some recap from the very first part, the main characters Elle and Lee come up with a bunch of rules that they base their lives off of. Anything they do is solely based on the rules of whether or not they can or cannot do something. For instance, rule #1 is, “Only your best friend can know your birthday wishes.” 


The second part to this movie trilogy ended with Elle running through the airport after realizing Noah is her “person.” She is greeted by Noah’s college friend from Harvard, Chloe, who Elle has been jealous of for half the movie, at the airport instead of Noah. Noah then stays for a while longer to watch Elle graduate. 


Two days before Elle graduates, she gets an offer letter from both Berkeley (where her best friend Lee will go for college next year) and also a letter from Harvard (where her boyfriend Noah goes to school). After graduation, Elle lies to everyone and says she got waitlisted for Berkeley and Harvard. The movie ends with Elle and Noah on his motorcycle and Lee and his girlfriend, Rachel, in Lee’s car, all driving around as their last summer before college begins. 


After all the drama from part one and two, the main characters, Elle, Lee, Rachel, and Noah have returned. This drama-filled, three-part series takes a deeper dive into loyalty, trust, and honesty. 


The movie starts off the summer just after graduation. Elle wants to have the most memorable summer before they all go to college. So they do just that. The movie goes on as Elle works her butt off to get some money. The four musketeers decide to spend their last summer at the Flynn’s (Noah and Lee’s family) beach house before they end up selling it since they’re all moving away from home. 


I love the ending scene because it just really represents what the whole three-part series was about. All this happened because of a goofy idea of the kissing booth. They all went through so much together and ending the movie with a fast forward shows how much they’ve all grown up and changed.


This movie takes on what it’s like being in a situation that is so hard to figure out what is best to do. Elle is so brave after realizing that lying to the people closest to her will never get her anywhere except people who don’t have her trust. Although this movie is filmed in high school, the acting parts of high school are unrealistic. It shows different events where they’re in high school, and these events are not accurate. The actors did a very good job doing their parts. I liked how well they all got along.


This is a great movie for all kinds of ages and watching a mini-movie marathon with all three parts should definitely be on your ”bucket list.” I love the way the movie shows the different events that are conflicting with not only the setting but with the characters too. If there’s one thing to take away from this movie, it’s that being honest with yourself and your peers will get you a lot further in life than trying to hide your emotions and decisions behind you. You may not always know what the right decision to make is, but at least have people there for you who will help you along the way.