David Morones: Shedding Light On Performing Arts In the Hispanic Community

In honor of Hispanic Heritage month, senior David Morones shares the importance of Hispanic roles in performing arts and the different ways he plans on or currently uses his voice to speak out.


Senior David Morones, finds his passion in theatre and the viola. He takes part in the Hispanic Leadership Club and works to bring Hispanic culture into the arts.

Diamonique Naert-Jimenez, Writer

Morones is involved in theatre at West and is also a member of the chamber orchestra, playing the viola. He has also been admitted to Fort Hays State University and plans on studying classical performance and teaching. 

“I’m now the sound director for ‘SpongeBob The Musical’ as well as ‘Puffs’ the play,” Morones said. “Also playing as the lead in ‘Puffs’ the play.”

Hispanic Heritage Month is a time where David advocates for immigration rights and brings awareness to Hispanic issues. Being a Mexican-American, he also embraces the culture.  

“Within the Hispanic culture, we have a cultural stigma against art studies because they don’t bring definite jobs, and I want to change that,” Morones said. “First I want to become an artist myself and then make art more accessible for Hispanic students, in underfunded areas as well.”

Morones is also involved in the Hispanic Leadership Club, they bring awareness to Hispanic Heritage month as well as celebrate the Hispanic community in different ways.

“I’m going to run for president and I want to build a better, stronger Hispanic community here at Olathe West, so I want to try and gather funding for lower-income families or provide some kind of food drive, really anything that would help Hispanic families here in Olathe.”

According to Morones, he has enjoyed all four years that he’s been a member of theatre and is thankful and always having so much fun. 

“I can say that these people are my family and it’s [theatre] given me so many opportunities,” Morones said. “I’ve been able to see different parts of the performing arts industry and it’s opened my eyes to what I want to do later in the future.”  

In the future, he wants to be a classical violist and a professor for either orchestra or any kind of performing arts. 

“People like Lin-Manuel Miranda are some of my inspirations,” Morones said. “I want to do things like him, in the sense that I bring more Hispanic awareness to the performing arts.”