Top 10 Netflix Shows to Binge According to Students


Thanksgiving break is next week, here are some netflix suggestions for you to watch over the break.

Addison Smith, Writer


Top 10 Netflix Shows to Binge According to Students 


Cold weather and daylight savings are here. Time to curl up with a blanket and binge-watch your favorite shows. Looking for some new shows to obsess over? Check out the top 10 Netflix shows to binge according to sophomore students at Olathe West.

1. Outer Banks

“Outer Banks” quickly grew into a very well known show after being released on April 15, 2020. A dramatic and high intense series consisting of two seasons, “Outer Banks” has built a name for itself. The series is about a group of teenagers, John B, JJ Maybank, Pope Heyward, and Kiara Carrera, who live in a small town on the water, and are of lower social classes. John B is in search of his father who went missing at sea, presumed dead, still not accepting his death. One day, they find a wrecked boat, and within it secrets that take them into a treasure hunt. But finding the treasure is where the fun ends, and the danger begins. 

2. Stranger Things

You’ve probably heard of the hit show “Stranger Things,” especially with the new and final season in the works. The story follows a friend group in a small town, realizing things in their town are not what they seem. When Will Byers goes missing, his friends are determined to find answers, meeting new friends and dangers along the way. This is a must watch for Sci-fi fans, and keeps you on the hook for each season. “It’s a great mix of drama, horror, and comedy!” sophomore Aubrey May said. “It’s a very popular show.” 

3. Schitts Creek

“Schitts Creek” is a 2015 Netflix original series that focuses on a rich family who loses their fortune. Johnny and Moira Rose are the parents with the successful careers and expensive taste, and their spoiled adult children are David and Alexis. After a turn of events leaving them broke, they move to the town that happens to be one of their last assets, called Schitt’s creek. They move into a small motel, all four of them in close quarters and learning how to adapt to their new life. This is a great show to watch if you like sitcoms, it has hilarious scenes and you will get to love the characters. 

“It made me laugh so much, when I was down I watched it,” sophomoreLauren Dexter said. “I literally binged watched it.” 

4. Manifest

This is a show that isn’t as well known, but has built a great reputation for those who’ve watched it. It starts off with a normal family, coming home from a vacation in Jamaica. Ben Stone and his wife Grace, their ten year old twins Cal and Olive, Ben’s sister Micheala, and their parents. When the plane home is full, and an opportunity arises to take a separate flight for $400, Ben, Cal and Micheala take the separate flight. After short turbulence, they land, and they are met with police and investigators who tell them they had been missing and presumed dead for five and a half years. They have to adjust to their new lives, partners having moved on, and loved ones gone. And in addition to those changes, they are hearing things and having newfound abilities. A show that leaves you in suspense, and drama at every turn. I highly recommend this show, as it is one of my favorites. Season four is in the works after fans got it picked up by Netflix for a final season after it was canceled on a cliffhanger.

“It’s really entertaining and you can’t just watch one episode,” sophomore Laci Lister said. “It leaves you wanting more.”

5. Umbrella Academy 

“Umbrella Academy” is an eccentric show with a touch of mystery for its viewers. When a billionaire collects seven special children, he raises them and turns them into superheroes, giving them numbers instead of names. After they grow up and move away from their trauma-filled childhood, the six remaining all come back for the funeral of their father. After that, events transpire leading them into an intense journey to stop the apocalypse, only without knowing what causes it, and only having eight days to do so. There is Luther, number one with super strength. Diego, number two with extreme knife throwing abilities and aim. Allison, number three, with the power to control others with four words. Klaus, number four with the ability to see and conjure the dead. Five, with no name, and the ability to teleport and time jump. And lastly Vanya, with no powers and the forgotten sibling.

6. Queen’s Gambit 

Love drama and intense scenes that leave you on the edge of your seat? Check out “The Queen’s Gambit.” A popular drama Netflix series set in the late 50s and 60s, the Queen’s Gambit follows young chess prodigy Beth Harmon. After being in an orphanage, she begins playing chess with the janitor, and finds herself to be quite good. She continues her career, eventually becoming a very well known chess player across the world. In her time, women are not expected to play, so she decides to prove them wrong, playing in tournaments across the globe. She has her own share of problems, addictions and a troubled past, leaving fans wondering, will that get in the way of her career? It is a very entertaining show, with high ratings and starring award winning actress Anya Taylor-Joy. 

7. Glee

Enjoy drama and feel good TV shows? This popular drama-comedy focused on a high school glee club, “Glee” was released in 2009. An optimistic teacher, talented students, diverse characters and teenagers learning how to navigate life creates a great show to watch. With six seasons, this show is definitely binge-worthy. But hurry up and binge it now, because it leaves Netflix on Nov. 30!

8. Gilmore Girls

“Gilmore Girls” is a popular coming of age series that was released in 2000. The story follows Lorelai Gilmore and her 16-yearold daughter Rory. They live in a small town called Stars Hollow, and have a very close relationship. Since Lorelai had Rory when she was young and raised her on her own, with Rory’s dad occasionally stopping by, they have a great relationship. Rory is extremely smart, whereas Lorelia is spontaneous and creative. Both are addicted to coffee, and navigate every event in their life together. This show is hilarious, and makes you laugh and cry. It is a great show to watch with friends or family, and has seven seasons. They even made a spinoff mini series with four long episodes in 2016. Definitely check this one out, it is a great show that many students enjoy. 

9. Midnight Mass

Midnight Mass is a newer series released in September of this year. The show follows a small run-down town out on an island. They have a church that many attend, since most of the town is Catholic. When their head priest goes out on a trip and falls ill, a new priest comes into the town. Slowly, more people begin attending church more, curious to see this new preacher. Those attending soon see the miracles he performs, curing paralysis, making the old young, and preaching new ideas. However, some wonder how he does this, and realize he isn’t who he seems, and something is wrong in the town. The main character Riley, just released from prison for a drunk driving accident, comes back home to these miracles, and begins investigating. Is this new preacher who he says he is? And what are these things happening on the island? This is a must watch for those interested in horror and sci-fi, it explores themes and stories that make you hooked, and wanting more. Only being one season, it is definitely worth watching, and the ending will leave you in shock. 

10. Barbie Life In The Dreamhouse

You may be thinking, what is Barbie doing on a list of Netflix shows to binge according to high school students? Even though I haven’t seen it myself, it’s recommended from students. 

Sophomore Bryce Mallory said, “It’s not technically a “Netflix Show”, but I think that it is the only place to watch it. I love this show and it takes me back to my childhood. It makes me happy if I’ve had a rough day.” 

Even though it isn’t fitting the theme of the rest of these recommendations, it’s still a fun way to end this list on a fun note. Barbie lives in her dream house with her sisters. Her neighbor Raquel lives next door. Barbie, Ken, her sisters, Raquel, and Ryan, are always going on fun adventures and have fun days. Want to watch a fun series that you don’t have to put pressure on to follow very closely? Check out this one, it’s an easy show to watch and a fun unique one to follow.