Taxidermy Badger Missing From Student Naturalists Class


Riley Cornell, Writer

Over Thanksgiving break, a taxidermy badger was stolen from Darcie Badger’s student naturalists class. The administration is unaware if a student or adult is the culprit, but regardless, they want it to be returned immediately. 

This badger is not owned by Olathe West. It was loaned to the school from the Kansas Department of Wildlife and has a value of over $1,000. The Kansas Department of Wildlife is a law enforcement agency, so there will be more serious consequences. 

If you have heard anything or seen a stuffed badger, report it to head principal Jay Novacek or the front office. Novacek said there would be no questions asked. Additionally, Novacek offered to pay $100 out of his pocket to anyone who knows any information about the missing badger. 

Badger first noticed the badger was gone the Monday after Thanksgiving break.

“I don’t have any clue who took it,” Badger said.

She is also not aware of why it was taken. She considered that it might be a part of the devious lick trend, but also thinks it could be a joke because her last name is Badger.

“I think it was both,” Badger said.

Badger really wants to find the missing animal, and it is not owned by her, which makes her want to find it even more.

If you have any information about this badger’s disappearance please contact: [email protected]