Students form Olathe West’s First Black Student Union


Carlton Johnson

The OW Black Student Union board attended the Diversity Conference at KU in November.

Diamon Naert-Jimenez, Writer

A new club here at Olathe West, Black Student Union, welcomes minority students and surrounds them with a safe and positive environment. Social studies teacher and coach Dee Bell is the sponsor, Allana Moore is the president, and Parker Jackson is the vice president. 

“We’re a club that primarily focuses on the camaraderie and advocacy of Black students,” Moore said. 

There are 40 members of the club so far, and they plan on hosting events for Black History Month, such as going around and decorating the hall ways and doing small history lessons over current issues. Their goal is to make the school a comforting place for students of color.  

“My personal goal is to improve the culture of West,” Moore said. “I think it excludes a lot of groups and it’s most important that we fix that. I think my long-term goal is to have West be a more conducive school for students of color because it is a primarily white institution and sometimes spaces aren’t fine-tuned for students who are different.”

According to Moore, Bell has done a lot of advocacy work within the administration and is a role model for the members because he carries himself in a way where he gets along with everyone while also staying true to his identity. 

“He has been really helpful,” Jackson said. “He’s helped us get in contact with other BSUs around the state and around our district. He’s really good at getting us in contact with the admin.” 

For updates on what the club is currently working on, visit them on Instagram at @bsu.ow.