Sad Music is for more than just Sad Times


Senior Diamonique Naert-Jimenez shows her playlist on apple music. She listens to it while she does her school work.

Nola Miller, Writer

When listening to sad music, your mood does not have to be sad. Say you’re in the car, and you’re in a good mood. “Traitor” by Olivia Rodrigo comes on the radio. Your first reaction is sad, but then you think, “Wow, this is a good song” and by the end of the second verse you’re screaming the song with a smile on your face. 

That feeling of accomplishment that you’re finally not sad listening to a sad song, has to be one of the best feelings. 

The music may be saddening, but the meaning of the lyrics are what make the song good. Olivia Rodrigo is a great artist and she produces a lot of “sad music” that involved her break up. A lot of people relate to her, which makes more people want to listen to her. 

Maybe you don’t like Oliva Rodrigo, but Ed Sheeran is your preferred artist when wanting a good song with good lyrics. The song “Afterglow” by Ed Sheeran is a slow song that talks about being lost and trying to find love in this world. The meaning behind this song is very thoughtful, but not particularly “sad.” This lyric puts it in perspective, “So alone in love like the world has disappeared, Oh I won’t be silent and I won’t let go.” This lyric is very short but it speaks about sadness.

Some songs that are considered “sad,” but could also be a good song that others may not think are sad are, “Coaster” By Khalid. This song has a chill melondy and can be played just to relax. “Godspeed” by Frank Ocean is also a really good song when wanting a relaxing song. 

When studying for a final, test, or something you need to be focused on, you don’t turn on heavy metal to listen to. You’re most likely going to turn on a slow, quiet song that doesn’t take your attention away. For example “Look After You” by The Fray. It’s a slow paced song but with a good, calming melody that makes it easy to listen to while trying to focus as well. These songs don’t have to be super loud either, they can just be background noise. 

Sad music doesn’t have to be played in a sad situation. You could listen to sad music anytime. Maybe that’s playing a song on your way home from school or simply listening to some songs when doing homework. Either way no matter the song or lyrics, it isn’t always considered sad just because others classify it as sad.