Cliche or Captivating: “The Emily in Paris” Debate


Is Emily in Paris Cheesy or Interesting? The debate between viewers on the series.

Riley Cornell, Writer

Emily in Paris quickly gained popularity on Netflix for the beautiful setting, fashionable characters, and love-triangle story line. 

When I first started watching “Emily in Paris” I was instantly captivated by the beautiful Paris scenery, unique fashion, and music. After watching season one, I could not wait for another season, and season two did not disappoint. The relationships go into much more detail, and Emily finds herself in the middle of a love triangle between her best friend Camille’s boyfriend and a new character named Alfie. At the end of the season, Emily is faced with the choice of staying in Paris indefinitely which will lead well into seasons 3 and 4 which have a guaranteed renewal from Netflix.

After finishing both seasons of the show, I wanted to see more, so I went on the internet hoping to find people who shared my love for the show. To my surprise, I saw more negative reviews than positive. Emily Cooper is a very polarizing character and most people loved her, hated her, or loved to hate her. Emily can be a little over the top and the acting can be cheesy, but the show is a great option if you don’t want to think too hard and want to just look at pretty scenery and follow Emily as she navigates through Paris and takes selfies along the way.

Lily Collins, who plays Emily, does not think Emily deserves the hate she receives. In an interview Collins admits that she was disheartened by the hate.

I know that in this industry, having been in it, having grown up in it, you know that not everyone’s going to love what you do all the time,” Collins said.

The fashion is almost as polarizing as Emily herself with new, more ostentatious looks in season two. Many people do not know how to react. She has some of the best and worst outfits I have ever seen a television character wear, but if you watch the show, you can expect to see some fabulous designer fashion from Chanel, Valentino, and many more. I think her fashion creates conversation and influences many people’s styles. I know it has affected my style. 

Patricia Field was the fashion designer for the show and addressed the clothing criticism by admitting that the clothing was cliche and over the top on purpose.

“A nod to her excitement at being there — it was intentionally cliche,” Field said. 

Whether you believe “Emily in Paris” is cliche or captivating, the show appeals to a wide audience through music, fashion, and the sights of Paris. Though the acting might be cheesy, and Emily might take too many selfies the show has something for almost everyone.