“Euphoria” Characters Ranked from Worst to Best People to be Friends With


Nola Miller

“Euphoria” is a show about high school friendships and relationships. The storyline focuses on how they support each other and betray each other, so here’s a ranked list of how good of a friend each character is.


10. Cassie Howard

Cassie seems to be very fake and would not be a good friend to anyone at all. She did turn on her best friend and got with Nate (Maddy’s ex), so she is not a trustworthy person whatsoever. This was very selfish and would not result in being a good friend. 9.

9. Nate Jacobs

Although Nate stays loyal to his family throughout the show, he doesn’t seem like the type that you would want to keep as a friend. He seems like the type of person to turn his back on you at any point. After he broke up with Maddy, he went straight to her best friend.

8. Elliot

In the show, Elliot seems to be a laid back person, but I don’t think he would stay loyal to his friends. He did in fact tell Jules about how Rue wasn’t staying sober, so he did look out for her. He’s a fun person in the show, but doesn’t seem to be a person you could go to if you needed help. When Rue was struggling, he told Jules and Jules ended up telling Rue’s mom.

7. Jules Vaughn

Jules doesn’t seem like a loyal friend who you could count on, considering the event that took place when she went out of town after leaving Rue at the train station. She seems very unstable and couldn’t sustain a friendship.

6. Ashtray

In the show, Ashtray seems to be very helpful with Fezco’s business that he was forced to continue. He is very helpful and looks out for Fezco throughout the show. I don’t think he would turn on anyone.

5. Kat Hernandez

Kat is a very funny and outgoing character in the show. She has a lot of confidence and isn’t afraid to speak her mind. She is always there for Maddy when she needs her.

4. Rue Bennett

Rue is a very sweet character, and she may have her issues, but she is very laid back and a deep thinker. This would be good to have in a loyal and honest friend.

3. Lexi Howard

Lexi is a very nice person and is always there for Rue when she wasn’t always there for her. She seems like she is a good friend when no one else would be there.

2. Maddy Perez

Although Maddy is involved in a lot of drama, she is very loyal to her friends and (ex) boyfriend. Even when her friends and boyfriend turned on her, she still stayed with them

1. Fezco

Fezco is a really laid back character in the show. In many scenes, Fezco is seen to be listening to Lexi talk about her upcoming play, he is also always looking out for Rue and making sure she is making good decisions. He seems like a good person to be friends with.