Lacrosse Season Begins in Olathe


Addison Smith, Writer

Lacrosse is one of many unique sports, a competitive game consisting of long handled lacrosse sticks and a lacrosse ball. 

Lacrosse is also a lesser known sport, especially when overshadowed by basketball, soccer and track. 

The lacrosse season recently began at west, bringing forward many new players.

“I’m really excited about this season,” Senior lacrosse member Olivia Meyer said. “Our team doubled in size. So we have a ton more girls, which makes it really fun to be able to watch everyone grow.”

Lacrosse is a game played by ten-person teams. The goal is to try to get the small rubber ball into the goal of your opponent. Unlike football or soccer, players use long sticks called a “crosse”. The sticks have nets attached to the end to carry the ball to score. 

Lacrosse was invented in the 1100’s by Native American tribes, and has become a popular sport.

“Mentally and physically we’ve gotten better,” Senior lacrosse captain Gavin Nelson said. “Since we just got a new coach.” 

The girls team also got off on the right foot, having won their first game. 

“We won our first game,” Meyer said. “So we’re already off to a great start and hopefully we’ll win a lot more this season.” 

What many don’t know is that men’s lacrosse is actually classified as a contact sport due to the fact that it allows both body and stick checking. In women’s lacrosse, they are not allowed to touch the ball with their body, and it isn’t classified as a contact sport.

“Practices usually go for about two hours,” Senior lacrosse member Gavin Nelson said. “Monday through Friday unless we have a game. Usually we warm up, do passing drills, get the fundamentals down first, then we split off into JV and Varsity.” 

Nelson had previously participated in a sport before joining lacrosse. 

“I used to play soccer,” Nelson said. “Then one of my teammates brought me to a clinic and I found it cool.” 

Meyer had also had an athletic background.

“When I decided to stop cheerleading, I was looking for another sport to do,” Meyer said. “And I was inspired by my brother to pick it up.”

The next game played by the boys lacrosse team is on Apr. 3, against Wentzville, followed by Rockhurst on Apr. 5, both home games. 

“My goal is to be as successful as we can,” Meyer said. “Obviously I really want to win, after the first win I think our morals are high and I think we can definitely do that.”