Varsity Baseball Heads to Regionals


Diamon Naert-Jimenez, Writer

The Boys Baseball team finishes their regular season with a 16-4 record, winning the Sunflower League champions title. The 6A regional game is on Tuesday, May 17 against KC-Wyandotte HS at CBAC. 

According to Coach Michael Jacobs, the boys performed well despite having a very tough schedule playing some strong opponents. 

“A few things that stood out, I thought at times we pitched really well throughout the year and we also hit the ball really well,” Jacobs said. “I think we had about 14 home runs in the regular season.” 

Senior Chris Blum explains that the coaches did a good job of keeping the team enthusiastic throughout the season and keeps pushing them towards their goal of winning a State title. 

“As a team when we lost, or we get down on ourselves we push back really well and we tend to fight back and push through adversity,” Blum said.

Something, according to Jacobs, they could have improved on was the pitching. He expressed that they had too many free bases that they gave up. Aside from that, the postseason has arrived and the team is prepared to move forward.

“Postseason, I think our team chemistry is really good so I think that’s gonna help us as we have a tough regional,” Jacobs said. “Hopefully we can make a really good push to make it to the state tournament.” 

Some challenges Jacobs thinks the boys will run into are the tough opponents. He went on to say that they tend to see everybody’s best game, which is a good thing because it makes them play their best, leading them to be the best when they need to be. 

On the other hand, senior Chris Blum states that he has no concerns for the team moving forward. 

“I hope to see a bunch of wins and just good team spirits and good energy every game,” Blum said. “We’re ready to go out there and kick some butt.”