Netflix’s New Show “Kaleidoscope” Allows For a Whole New Viewing Experience


Gracie Brown, Writer

Have you ever wanted to control your viewing experience of a show or movie? Netflix’s new show “Kaleidoscope” allows for just that. Created by Eric Garcia and released on Netflix Jan. 1, “Kaleidoscope” is a mini-drama series that can be watched in several different ways, meaning you can watch all eight episodes in any order and have your own personal experience of the show. 

The plot of the show takes place over 25 years. It is about a mastermind thief along with his crew who plan a detailed and complex heist of $7 billion, but along the way, significant problems such as betrayal and greed occur. 

Each episode is a new story that plays into the big picture of the show. There are eight episodes total, each 40 to 50 minutes long. Each episode is named after a color. On Netflix, the episodes chronologically go violet, green, yellow, orange, blue, white, red and pink. However, the white episode is where the actual heist takes place. This show is unique because you can watch the episode in any order you’d like.

There are 40,320 different ways to watch “Kaleidoscope.” There have been many questions about the best way to watch this series. Netflix tweeted and various articles have shared some ways that can give the best viewing experiences to the audience. 

The first suggestion Netflix gave was watching it as a Tarantino film. It will feel like you’re watching a crime thriller with a non-linear storyline, something Tarantino is famous for doing. So if you like movies such as “Kill Bill” or “Pulp Fiction,” this is the route for you. To watch Kalidescope the Tarantino way, you must watch it in the order of Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Violet, Pink, White and Red.

Another way to watch this series, according to “Cosmopolitan,” is to watch in reverse chronological order. This order allows for a viewing experience that starts with what is going on after the heist took place and ends with what happened 24 years before the heist takes place. You get to go back in time and see the lives of the characters and how the heist plan formed. For this strategy, you must watch it in the order of Pink, Ped, White, Blue, Orange, Yellow, Green and Violet. 

Netflix also suggested watching the series in rainbow order. This order will feel very randomized and not all the colors line up with the colors of the rainbow. However, this is one order you will have to pay attention to. This order jumps from the past to the future a lot. You must watch it in the order Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Pink, Violet, and White for this strategy. 

Kaleidoscope is a series that must be added to your watch list. Being able to control your viewing experience and form your own connection with a show is one of a kind. Next time you find yourself scrolling through Netflix, take a look at Kaleidoscope and remember, the order is all up to you.