Showing Positivity Without Words


Logan Kraft, Writer

Starting out your day with positivity can be difficult, but Junior Logan Bryant and Sophomore Lily Rsydam start their day for others.

Bryant and Rsydam hold the door for their peers every day before school starts.

The acts of kindness from Bryant and Rsydam have not gone unnoticed.

“I saw every day that I was there before first hour,” social studies teacher Ashley Singharaj said. “Genuinely from 7:50 to like almost eight o’clock usually standing there opening the door for everyone.” 

Lily holds the door in the commons for all students who take the bus, or are dropped off by parents, while Logan holds the main stairs door on the third floor. 

“A small gesture like holding the door goes a long way and just being kind,” sign language teacher Colby Mnich said. “I do think it shows the three pillars of OWL.” 

These small acts of kindness sometimes get overlooked when not talked about, but small acts of kindness might not always get noticed, but they go a long way into improving the daily lives of all the students.

“I have Lily in class actually, and she is very studious, always comes in, gets the work done, very punctual,” name said. “I definitely see Lily, if she ever finishes her work early, working on other work. I think she is a good student. She is kind to others.”

The school life of Logan and Lily seem to be familiar in the sense of their hard work in school.

“I had him [Logan] in my freshman year online in 2020,” Singharaj said. “He was in my honors world history class.”

Both of these students are appreciated throughout the school, especially through the teachers. 

Not only does this act benefit others, it benefits them.

Rysdam says, “It feels good.”