Growing Up With Disney


Bryce Mallory, Writer

My childhood was almost completely devoted to Disney movies. When I was little, I loved all the worlds old Disney movies could transport me to. I was all about the magic, princesses and the very adorable sidekicks. 

What truly makes Disney special is that all ages can enjoy the films. There are some action-packed movies, some animated romances, and even some comfort characters for adults to look back on. 

The storytelling in these films is incredible. Each one is vastly different from the last. Going from living toys, to princesses, to talking cars, even to a little blue alien who crashes on an island in Hawaii. You never get bored. 

As I am progressively getting older, I don’t watch those movies the way I used to when I was younger. The girl who believed in the magic is gone, and the one who wants something real has emerged. 

From these cherished Disney movies, a lot can be learned. It’s only now that I have truly realized the lessons trying to be taught through the screen. 

It’s the overall movie messages that stick out to me the most. The movie “Up” tells of the real adventure that we share with others. In “Peter Pan”, we learn how growing up is inevitable. Even from “Cinderella”, we learn how kindness will be rewarded. 

There is a reason these movies stand the test of time, and it is not because kids nowadays really want to watch them. It’s because adults who grew up in these worlds don’t want to let go. 

I realize now that when I watch a Disney movie, it’s because I need something. Some days I’ll need to see a happily ever after, some days I may need a laugh, and there are even days when I just want to be reminded that I was once a kid. 

The characters from the beloved films are written in such a way that you can relate to them. Of course when I was little, all I cared about was if the princess was going to get the prince. 

I can now look at movies like “Toy Story” and “Cars”, and relate heavily to the characters’ situations, and not because of the setting. 

I can take movies like those, movies where friendship blossoms in the greatest adversity and apply it to my own life. Yes, sometimes relationships with different people can be hard, challenging even, but it is way too rewarding to give up. 

Disney movies have progressive shaped my life, and while I don’t binge them every night before bed anymore, sometimes it’s nice to throw one on, for the joy I once felt when I watched the movies for the first time.