Girls Basketball is Ready to Take on Post Season

Gracie Brown, Writer

 The girls basketball team has been putting in hard work and taking home wins so far this season. The girls are ranked third in the Sunflower League and have an overall record of 13-7. The girls are now moving into postseason games and are about to play in substate. 

From the beginning of the season, the girls have got to learn from one another, whether that’s during a game or in practice. Senior Asees Kang is proud of how the team has been doing.

“This year I think we have been doing amazing as a team,” Kang said. “We have had our ups and downs, but as of right now we are at our ups which is great going into the postseason.” 

The girl’s basketball teams practices in the evening before games 

game. As substate is quickly approaching, the girls basketball team is getting ready.

“We learn about who we are guarding and what we are up against which helps us not go in blind,” Howard said. “I just relax and get ready to play because at the end of the day, it’s for fun and I know we will work together as a team to get a dub.”

As the girls move into postseason, the team has been looking back on all the memories they have created on and off the court. The girls basketball team has formed a close bond over the season and has grown close as teammates.

“My favorite memory is the Hays tournament,” Howard said. “Staying in a hotel and being close with the team is always super fun.”

As the season comes to a close, seniors Asees Kang, Kate Harter, Nora Howard, and Keely Barnard will be playing their last games as high school students. As seniors, they get to lead the team and be a model for the underclassmen. 

“I have really been enjoying my senior season,” Kang said. “It is a weird feeling to transition from having someone to look up to, to now being the leader others see. It’s been fun and I love my underclassmen.”