Softball Seniors Lead the Way to a Strong Start to the Season


Bryce Mallory

Girls softball is going into their season strong, with varsity 3-0 and JV 2-0. The season is kicking off and players are ready for it to go into full gear.

During the season, varsity softball players are ready to give it their all on the field. Most of the varsity team is comprised of seniors, making this their last season. 

“I think the season is going really good so far,” senior varsity player Madison Walker said. “Our team jells really well together and we all want to be the best team we can be.”

Although this is the last season for these seniors, that is not stopping them from having personal goals that they wish to see through to the very end. 

“My main goal for myself this season is to continually push myself everyday to be the best I can be, and not settle for anything less,” Walker said. 

JV is also making an impact on their opponents, dominating the fields they step onto. The JV team has a greater variety of ages, going from freshmen to sophomores who all participate on the team.

“[The atmosphere] I think is pretty good; positive,” freshman JV player Alyssa Iodic said. 

Iodic hit her first home run of the season as an Owl player at her game against Olathe South on March 27. The final score of that game was 14-3. 

“[My goal is to] just work as a team, be smart on the bases, and hit dingers,” Iodic said. 

Hoping to improve every game, the girls have long practices after school, running drills and doing exercises to increase their mobility and overall skills, like batting and catching, to play the game. 

“An average practice for us starts with our warmups and stretches and then after that we get into our throwing progression,” Walker said. “We then do our everydays: straight on, forehand, and backhand rollers and then the same thing with short hops. After we get warmed up, we generally do infield ground balls and outfield pop flys and work on our situations on defense. After defense, we generally end with hitting off the tee and front toss.”

Having this be their final season, seniors are ready to put it all out on the field hoping to find success. Ready for anything that comes their way, these seniors want this season to be the best they have experienced. 

“I think I’ll always remember having the opportunity to play with my classmates,” Walker said. “It has been the best being able to represent West with my friends!”