Softball Ranked First in the State

Riley Cornell, Editor-in-Chief

Girls softball has a record of 13-1 this season which is the best in school history. The team has had lots of victories this year and had a big win against Washburn Rural who placed second at state last year. 

Senior Rori Horning, who has been a member of the team since freshman year, attributes some of the team’s success to their connection to each other. There are currently six seniors on the team who have built a connection over the years. 

“This year our team is very senior-heavy,” Horning said. “Most of the starters are seniors and have been playing with each other for three years now, so we have improved our ability to play as a team.”

Senior Madison Walker agrees that the team’s success is, in great part, due to the senior leadership and the team’s connection. The team strategically practices and makes sure they are prepared for their games.

“We practice two times a week on Monday and Wednesday because we have games Tuesday and Thursday,” Walker said. “We generally run through the defense a little bit and then we will do hitting based on what the pitcher will see the next day.”

The team is looking into the future in hopes of competing in regionals and State this year. If the team makes it to State, it would be the first time in school history. 

“I am looking forward to regionals and the chance to make it to State,” Horning said. “I think we have our best shot at winning our regional, and the thought of competing at State for the first time is very exciting.”