Anti-Transgender Legislation Passed Around The Country: How You Can Help

Anti-Transgender Legislation Passed Around The Country: How You Can Help

Zach Darby, Writer

More and more anti-LGBTQ laws are being introduced around the United States, especially in states such as Florida and Texas. A total of 498 laws were introduced, with 47 being passed in 2023 alone, two of which have been in Kansas. With these grim statistics, it is now more important than ever to show support and advocacy for transgender rights in your local community.

The Physical Effects

Many states, primarily more conservative states, are attempting to pass legislation to ban hormonal therapy for transgender Americans. A common misconception is that there would be no harm when suddenly stopping hormonal therapy. In reality, stopping hormonal therapy suddenly can lead to headaches, anxiety, muscle loss, and more negative side effects. A sudden ban on hormonal therapy would harm transgender Americans.

The Mental Effects

Many transgender Americans turn to hormonal therapy to treat a condition known as gender dysphoria, or being out of place in their own body. Hormonal therapy is a way to medically transition to match their true gender. Pre-transition, transgender people are more likely to experience depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts and tendencies. Post-transition, they are more likely to be more confident, have fewer mental health conditions, and an overall greater quality of life. Banning hormonal therapy could lead to an increase in overall depression and anxiety, and potentially suicide rates.

Environmental Effects

Some new laws affect the school environment too, such as a ban on transgender youth playing sports with their identified gender, or banning transgender Americans from using public restrooms. Another set of harmful laws may also require teachers to out transgender students to their parents, no matter what the safety situation is at home, endangering many transgender kids who may be unsafe at home.

What You Can Do

The best way to help transgender Americans across the country is to raise awareness. If more awareness of these laws and the harmful effects of them are raised, more people will speak out and reach out to their representatives and senators, along with voting people in office who will make the right choice to protect transgender Americans.