Meet Your 2024 StuCo Officers


Corinne Zieg, Writer

Every year StuCo holds a voting for the students at Olathe West to choose the new candidates, placing a vote for the new StuCo president, vice president, secretary, treasurer and executive chair. Candidates actively involved with StuCo and have participated for at least one year can run for any of the positions listed above except for president who must have participated for two. Each candidate can make posters or flyers to hang around the school as well as post on social media platforms.

Voting was held on Friday, March 31. All classes were able to vote except for seniors and active senior StuCo members. The final announcement for each candidate took place on the same day at 3:00 on Friday, March 31. The class of 2024 new StuCo officers are; President: Laci Lister, Vice President: Kolby Brown, Secretary: Jayden Searing, Treasurer: Fatima Khalid, and Executive Chair: Lance Eisele.

Each officer will give their personal opinion on what they want to happen for next year and how they want StuCo to go for the student body as well as their goal. Next year’s president junior Laci Lister shares what she wants to be able to accomplish next year for the students and how to run different parts of StuCo. “I really just want to give the student body more, a better idea of what a Student Council is and how they can be involved with it and the impact it can have on people,” Lister said.

Newly elected vice president junior Kolby Brown shares her opinion on how she will take action into planning for next year. 

“Honestly, what the student body wants is given to them,” Brown said. “So we can’t really plan too many things for next year because we’re just looking at what kind of events people want and we know, it has to be a kind of a meeting by meeting thing just what we need to work on.”

Treasurer for next year junior Fatima Khalid shares how she wants to provide and help StuCo with productions next year.

“I probably will give it my all honestly like I am willing to dedicate a lot of time and effort into projects,” Khalid said. “I want to do things I want to improve for not just the student council but as a whole, making sure the parts like the school run better.”

Next year’s secretary, junior Jayden Searing shares the main goal that he wants to be achieved by StuCo members and his plan for next year. 

“My plan is to incorporate more of a student body based voting system by incorporating students more into our meetings, getting their ideas and hopefully that will give us better ideas to serve them through volunteering,” Searing said. “My personal goal right now I want to see a scholarship based funded by stuCo through fundraisers and stuff that we do maybe to give to a student who has been demonstrating out and most throughout the school year.” 

Executive Chair for next year, junior Lance Eisele shares what plans he wants involved with next year’s students and his main goal.

“I plan to have a smaller student council and a lot more student involvement, homecoming and the blood drive and more activities for the students just so we can focus on the school a little better,” Eisele said. “One of my personal goals is to help the students a lot more during finals week to get more resources whether that be teachers that help or tutors or some fun activities that we do to help break up that cycle and help with stress.”