An Owl Overseas


Gracie Brown, Writer

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live internationally? Travel and study around the world? This is about to become reality for senior, Kylie Krause. The 2022-23 school year is wrapping up, seniors are about to graduate and leave high school. Students have many different plans for what they will do doing after high school. Senior Kylie Krause has been accepted into a program where she will live around the world while also attending school.

The EDHEC Business School is based in France. Krause will be spending her first year in the program in Nice, France. She will be studying to get her bachelors in international business administration. Krause will officially leave for France in August.

As she progresses through the program in the second year she will live in California and attend UCLA. During her third year, she will spend part of the semester anywhere in the world doing an internship, and the rest of the year in Singapore. Her fourth year, the first semester will be in Singapore, and her last semester will be another internship anywhere in the world. 

“I love traveling, and I know this is an opportunity I won’t get again,” Krause said. “I am giving up the American college experience, but I know this is worth it.”

The choice to move internationally and live all over the globe was not an easy decision for Krause. A lot of thought and consideration was made by Krause. She knew that she would be moving far from her friends and family, but she has had support from her friends and family with her decision.

“I’m sure I’ll get homesick more than once, missing family and friends. Moving away from friends I’ll make every year will be rough, but now I know I’ll have friends all around the world,” Krause said.

While making the decision to attend this school was not easy for Krause, one can imagine how it would be to travel around the world and experience different cultures and life. Krause noted that this program allows her to create new experiences. 

“The school has students from all around the world, and I can’t wait to hear about their experiences,” Krause said. “Then of course make some new ones with them.”