‘Star Wars: Return of the Jedi’ Returns to theaters for an anniversary celebration


Zach Darby, Writer

With Star Wars Day on May 4 fast, the sixth Star Wars movie, “Return of the Jedi,” has returned to theaters to prepare for the movie’s anniversary on May 25. As the movie returns to theaters, many fans, both younger and older, have come together to share the legacy Star Wars has had on their lives, and cinema as a whole.

Star Wars was created by George Lucas inspired by sociologist Joseph Campbell’s writing to be perfectly relatable, with the main protagonist dealing with and overcoming obstacles both internal and external.

“The storyline is what brings everyone together regardless of age or culture or geography,” History of Film teacher Dr. Josh Anderson said. “Everyone can relate to the hero trying to battle powerful forces both inside and out, to overcome and capture a greater reward, greater than themselves.”

The story of Star Wars was designed with the classic “Hero’s Journey” in mind, and perfectly represents a journey that has been represented in fiction for decades.

“It was the intention all along for Star Wars to represent the perfect incarnation of the hero’s journey, a 12 stage adventure that is repeated back to us story after story, regardless of time or culture,” Anderson said.

With a perfect combination of relatable storytelling and classic fiction writing methods, George Lucas created the perfect Sci-Fi franchise that connects fans between a more than 40 year gap.