What Yearbook Distribution Was Actually Like


Riley Cornell, Editor-in-Chief

Yearbook distribution took place Friday, May 5 in the main gym. The yearbook staff has put many hours into the book and senior Audrey Snider is no exception. Snider, Co-Editor in Chief of the yearbook, along with senior Andie Rau, has spent countless hours in and out of school to get the book exactly as she and the staff want it.

“Lots and lots of hours–at least three and a half hours a day,” Snider said. “I would go home after school and work at least two hours then do it again the next day, so it’s a lot because as an EIC we have to read each individual spread and check all designs.”

Yearbook has put in a lot of work leading up to distribution day and are excited for everyone to see their work on the 2023 yearbook, themed “What It’s Actually Like.” Distribution day is when all of the staff’s hard work is rewarded. Rau, along with Snider, is happy with how the book turned out but is sad to be done with work on the book.

“It’s kinda bittersweet because this is a full year of work coming to an end, but I love seeing everyone’s reaction to the book and watching people flip through the book to see themselves,’ Rau said.

This year there are four color schemes of the book cover to choose from. This is the first year there have been multiple covers of a yearbook and although the covers are different the inside of the books are all the same. 

“We have seven colors in our color palette which is too many to fit on one cover and it would have been too busy,” Snider said. “Our Herff Jones rep, our publishing company, had the idea because some other schools have done it in the past and we really liked it.”

Though this is an exciting time for many on staff, it is also a sad time for the graduating seniors on staff because it is their last distribution day. There are 13 yearbook seniors and many have been on staff for all four years. Rau is one of those seniors and has lots of bittersweet emotions about her time on staff coming to an end.

“I have a lot of mixed emotions and it’s a little sad because I’ve been on staff for four years so it’s been a part of my life for a long time,” Snider said. “It will be sad to leave, but at the same time, because it has been in my life for so long I am ready to be done.”