Olathe West Cheerleader to K-State Cheerleader


Courtesy of Katelyn Eagan

Katelyn Eagan poses with K-State shirt after being accepted into K-State cheer.

Gracie Brown, Writer

As this school year is coming to an end so soon, especially for the seniors, it can be a time when athletes are putting their cleats away, putting the bats down, and hanging up their uniforms, but it can also be a new beginning for senior athletes who are going to continue their sport in college. Senior Katelyn Eagan will be hanging her old uniform up in exchange for a new one, as she has been selected to be a Kansas State cheerleader for the 2023-2024 school year.

Eagan has been cheering since she was three years old. She just finished her 15th season at KC Cheer and cheered on the Olathe West cheer team. Eagan has had years of experience in the world of cheer and decided she wanted to continue it post-high school. Eagan decided to attend K-State and continue cheerleading there.

Eagan knew that the tryout process was going to be tough, but on top of this, she had to try out through a video process. The tryouts lasted from May 2-7.  She could not be there for part of the tryouts and had to turn to a virtual option, but this did not stop Eagan.

“I had to submit the Wabash, fight song, cheers, stunts, and tumbling,” Eagan said. “I also had an interview portion with the coaches and a panel of judges.” 

On May 9, the results were announced through an email. Eagan found out she was selected to be on the K-State cheer team for the 2023-24 school year. Eagan was excited about the selection. She was no longer just a cheerleader for KC Cheer and Olathe West, but she was now continuing her passion at a whole new level with college cheer. 

“I’m super excited to of made the team because it was a very selective process with a lot of amazing competition,” Eagan said.

As Eagan moves from high school cheer to college cheer, there will be new challenges and new goals to take on. Cheering at a college level is different from high school and will be a change Eagan will adapt to.

“I think the main challenge of college cheer is going to be learning all the new material and continuing to advance my skills,” Eagan said. 

Eagan is saying goodbye to her time here cheering for Olathe West and to her competition cheer that she has grown up with. This can be a bittersweet moment for student-athletes, but also an exciting time as they look toward the future. 

“I am going to miss the bonds I made. I have gotten so close with everyone and created so many amazing friendships that I will forever cherish,” Eagan said.