Olathe West Choir Takes to the Disco in Last Sensation


Photo courtesy of Olathe West choir.

Olathe West choir strikes a pose at the end of their Last Sensation performance.

Zach Darby, Writer

After many formal concerts, Olathe West Choir performed in Last Sensation, accompanied by both singing and dancing.

In previous years, the choir’s Last Sensation did not stick to a particular theme. However, choir director Laura VanLeeuwen made the executive decision to give this year’s Last Sensation a 70s theme, and it could not have been grander.

There were many group numbers throughout the concert, some accompanied by dancing, beginning with “Time Warp,” performed by Madrigals, followed by pieces such as “I Will Survive” performed by the soprano and alto concert choir, “Grease Lightning” performed by tenor and bass choirs, and ending with one final mashup of nostalgic 70s songs performed by all choirs.

As well as the group numbers, many solos were also performed, such as “Piano Man” performed vocally and on piano by senior Sam Olson.

“That was the best performance I’ve done on stage,” Olson said. “This last [performance] was really good.”

Reflecting on his previous years as a member of choir, Olson says this Last Sensation may have been the best one yet.

“I do think as much as people were not a fan of it,” Olson said. “I think sticking to a decade or the theme did help with the pacing of the show. Because sometimes it was just like, it’s really just felt all over the place, like for the last few years.”

Junior Dominic Hull, a first-time choir member, reflects on his experience performing his solo, “Rainbow Connection.”

“It was really fun,” Hull said. “There were definitely some interesting points, like when I walked on stage and started, my mic didn’t work, but we were able to turn it around pretty quick.”

Hull also reflected on his experience with having a theme for his first Last Sensation performance.

“I actually think it is a really good experience just because it really forced me to branch out into different songs, different genres of music, I never really would have considered it if it was just kind of everything,” Hull said.

When asked about her theme choice for Last Sensation this year, choir director Laura VanLeeuwen revealed that this is her first time doing a theme.

“I have never themed [Last Sensation] in the 24 years that I’ve done the show,” VanLeeuwen said. “I thought it would be fun for our audience to encounter one decade of music and I thought it would be fun to expand the students. horizons as far as different literature choices and music choices.”

VanLeeuwen also considers switching between themed and regular Last Sensation performances in the future.

“I think there’s always the possibility of theming it but also opening it up to whatever students will want to sing is fun too,” VanLeeuwen said.