Falling into Sports: Volleyball

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One Year Wiser
May 25, 2018
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Falling into Sports: Volleyball

Olathe West’s first volleyball season came to an end last Saturday, October 21, with Varsity’s sub-state game at Pittsburg High School.  

This new program was created by head Varsity coach Amy Hoffsommer. She described her experiences starting a new program.  

“[This year was] an experience unique to most, it’s not something that happens very often,” said Hoffsommer. “Here, I could start right at the very beginning with what I wanted to do and there was no prior… processes.” 

Her overview of the season was very positive, she believed it was a very valuable year for learning how to better the program. 

“There was a lot of perseverance, we have all learned a lot… [and] there was a lot gained,” said Hoffsommer. 

Coach Hoffsommer is hoping to start many traditions and believes them to be very important to building a strong team. 

“Traditions are the idea of community and togetherness, doing things simply out of the idea of building memories together, having a good time, getting to know one another,” said Hoffsommer.  

She makes many efforts to keep player and coaching staff bonds close. 

Freshman Halle Dodson looked back on her season fondly, the left-handed outside hitter felt she improved a lot during this season and is excited about next year. 

“It was a great team and group of girls and I loved everyone on the team… Coach Ashley was an amazing coach and she made me a lot better,” said Dodson.  

The freshman team’s season ended on October 7th, they took 2nd at their league tournament and had overall statistics of 21 wins, 7 losses, and 1 tie.  

C team’s season ended on the same day with them taking 8th at their league.  tournament. Sophomore Abbey Marshall cheerfully described her season as being really good and fun. 

“Everyone in volleyball was fun and nice to be around… we all enjoyed playing volleyball together,” said Marshall.  

She explained how this season challenged her and met her expectations. She is eager for more volleyball next year.  

The Junior Varsity (JV) season ended on October 12, at an away game against Olathe East. At their league tournament, they took 3rd and ended with overall statistics of 12 wins, 17 losses, and 2 ties, making them 5th in Sunflower League. At the end of JV’s season, some were invited up to Varsity in preparation for sub-state.  

Varsity is 13th in Sunflower League and has overall statistics of 3 wins, 32 losses, and 0 ties. They experienced many challenges throughout the season, to Sophomore Ellie Wiltanger, they kept her motivated. 

“… It was mentally vigorous because you kinda have to get back up after you lose and realize you have to keep pushing towards the next game,” said Wiltanger. 

Despite this, she feels that all of their struggles brought them closer as a team and that even though they sometimes got down on themselves, they persevered well.