“My  Life With the Walter Boys,” starring Ashby Gentry, Nikki Rodriguez, and Noah LaLonde.
“My Life With the Walter Boys,” starring Ashby Gentry, Nikki Rodriguez, and Noah LaLonde.
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“My Life With the Walter Boys” Engrosses Audience with its Captivating Love Triangle


On Dec. 7, the Netflix Original Series, “My Life with the Walter Boys” made its debut. The show first gained popularity after being compared to the Amazon series, “The Summer I Turned Pretty,” for the love triangles portrayed in both programs.

“My Life with the Walter Boys” follows 15-year-old Jackie (Nikki Rodriguez), after her parents and sister were involved in a car crash resulting in their deaths. After the accident, she is sent from New York to live with her mother’s college best friend, Katherine Walter (Sarah Rafferty), in a small town in Colorado. When she gets to Colorado, she meets Katherine’s 10 kids that she now has to live with.

Upon her arrival, Jackie catches the attention of two of the brothers, Cole (Noah LaLonde) and Alex (Ashby Gentry). The brothers immediately begin showing the tension between them, leaving you wondering what happened for them to be so angry with each other.

The show highlights Jackie’s struggle with her family’s death and having to leave her old life behind. They do well to show her outbursts of anger when something minor happens due to her bottling up her emotions and being shoved into a new life.

The main interest of the show, however, is Jackie’s relationships with Cole and Alex, making you constantly keep asking yourself, “who will she choose?” But, the drama between the three that never ends, did not fail to keep me entertained through all 10 episodes.

Alex constantly shows his caring side, trying to make Jackie feel included and comfortable in her new town, home and school. While Cole prefers to pick on Jackie, giving her the nickname “New York” upon meeting her. Cole and Jackie seem to butt heads frequently, but he also cares for her, making sure she gets lunch on her first day and repairing a broken teapot of Jackie’s from her late sister.

As I watched the show, I enjoyed Alex’s character and his bond with Jackie but felt it lacking romantically. I preferred Cole for Jackie because while he liked to pick on her, they always made up, and when it counted he would be caring towards her.

However, Jackie isn’t the only one involved in a romance in the show. The show also focuses on the oldest Walter boy, Will (Johnny Link), and his fiancee, Haley Young (Zoe Soul). The couple wishes to be married, but are struggling too much financially to afford a wedding. Throughout the season, we watch their struggles with money and communication, portraying both very well.

Katherine and her husband, George (Marc Blucas), also show their financial struggles in the show. With the couple owning a ranch and raising 10 kids, as well as Jackie, they begin having difficulties. I think the show displays their stresses with money and having to deal with eight teenagers in the house very well.

The show does a great job at showing off so many topics such as grief, financial troubles, stress from school, family issues and romance.

I was constantly captivated by the story, originally turning on the show to do homework at the same time and not being able to focus on any of my work because I enjoyed the show so much.

Overall, the story was very entertaining. It’s no surprise that the show has been renewed for a second season.

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