There are many different jobs at a pool, from lifeguarding to pool attending. Sophomore Sammy Sierra was a pool attendant last summer.

“A normal day at my job was a lot of just managing the pool and making sure everything stayed clean for all the people that came in,” said Sierra.

The majority of the work as a pool attendant is a lot of cleaning. Sierra said that the best part of her job was that the neighborhood that fed into the pool had a lot of nice people.

“the worst part was probably was every couple weeks we’d have to come in really early to like deep clean the pool because it would get really dirty,” said Sierra.

Sierra says people should apply because it’s a good opportunity and pays well. There are a lot of skills to be learned from working as a pool attendant.

“Definitely communication skills with your co-workers,” said Sierra, “there was a lot of us but at times one of wouldn’t be able to make our shift so we’d have to communicate that to each other”

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