Hit or Miss: Students React to Spring Formal

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One Year Wiser
May 25, 2018

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One Year Wiser
May 25, 2018

Jack Miller

Spring Formal was held on April 21 and all grade levels were invited to attend the dance. The theme for the formal was Garden Gala. The Junior Committee and Student Council members coordinated and decorated the dance. Many students had varying opinions on Spring Formal.


“I really liked how it was set up–the flow of it,” sophomore Dom Loveless said. “You came in through the parent drop off doors and walked down instead of homecoming where you came through the event entrance and it was a little crowded. I liked the flow, it was much easier than homecoming.”


Many students didn’t know what to expect from Spring Formal because it was new to the district. News about an all-school dance came with a mixed response. The reasoning behind a Spring Formal rather than Prom is because there are no seniors and not enough juniors to economically support having a Prom. However, students were delightfully surprised by many aspects of the dance.


“The decorations, they were outrageous and beautiful. The DJ was pretty good I thought. I just thought they did really good with the set up for the first year of school,”  junior Ireland Beitzinger said.


As with any event, there were some dislikes. Students had mixed feelings about the music and flow, as well as the environment. However, while most students enjoyed the dance, there was some discontent.


“I don’t think I enjoyed it because no one else was really dancing, but it was kind of dead,” freshman Trey Krause said.


Additionally, when it was first announced that all grade levels were allowed to attend, there was some negative response.


“It [hearing all grades could go to the dance] did come with a little disappointment in a way,” Beitzinger said. “You grow up and Prom is a sacred thing that you can’t wait to go to. They make movies about it. It was disappointing, but everyone is going to get the chance to go no matter what.”


Compared to homecoming, students thought Spring Formal lacked excitement.


“I thought homecoming was a little happier. I don’t know if that’s because there were more people there, but it just didn’t seem as exciting,” junior Garrett Clark said.


Despite the initial apprehension, most changed their mind about it by the end of the night. However, even though Spring Formal was well attended this year, many are ready and excited for a junior and senior only Prom next year.


“I am more excited [for a junior/senior only Prom] next year than this year just because it will be the first one that we have at West,” sophomore Karla Gutierrez said.