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Mr. Keiter – Science

Mr. Keiter – Science

Mr. Keiter is a general and AP Physics teacher and the science department chair.

Q1: Overall, how did you think this school year went?

A: It’s very very challenging, but very, very rewarding. We are trying something brand new, and whenever you try something brand new, and whenever you try something new, it’s going to be hard. I know from the entire staff’s perspective, we’ve been through something that nobody else has probably been through with anything like this. We grow close together, and I feel it from the student’s side too. I’m sure some students would disagree, but overall the student population feels like they have something to share this quarter, and things are a lot cooler and better than they were the first quarter.


Q2: What was the most difficult thing for you this year?

A: Teachers, when they open up a new school, have to be involved with so many things. From coaching to teaching a lot of different classes–classes they’ve never taught before–so, a lot of just new stuff. Doing so many things being pulled apart. I’m looking forward to the future where I can focus on my class work a lot more.


Q3: What has been the most accomplished thing for you this year?

A: I would say, even though we have a long way to go, building the culture and climate of the school. I think the students now can actually see what the principals see and what the faculty sees, we’re not there yet, but we’ve made the biggest step in this first year.


Q4: How do you think the school will be next year when an additional 400 students are added?

A: It’ll be more like a traditional high school. This year was just plain weird without having seniors and a very small junior class. I think it will have much more of a high school year.


Q5: What has been your fondest memory of this year?

A: Probably the first time the faculty got together. The first day, that was before the school year even started. To meet the support staff, the principals, and all the teachers and see that everybody in that group was just the top of the league. To know we weren’t sure what we were doing, but we were all very excited to take the first step.


Q6: What advice do you have for incoming Freshmen?

A: Chill out! My daughters are incoming freshmen and they are so worried, and I know if there are Owls reading this, they’re going to laugh at this, but they’re worried about, “how do they know what classroom to go to?” and stuff. And I’m like, well the teachers here are really cool, and they’ll understand if you don’t get it. Chill out and enjoy the experience. It’s definitely unlike any other high school.


Q7: What did you learn this year that you hope to better implement next year?

A: I think, school-wide–and also in my classroom–we allowed a lot of freedoms. As it was apparent that we couldn’t have those. We restricted those freedoms I think, not school wide obviously, but in my classroom. I think I’m going to clamp down a lot on those freedoms to start with, and then do the opposite and then open it up more. I do believe that the average high school student likes structure, and being told what exactly to do. The openness of freedom is very confusing for younger minds. That’s what I’m going to start, and actually, the whole science department is going that way.

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