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Christina Schick – Junior

Christina Schick – Junior

Christina Schick is a junior and is involved in choir.

Q1: Overall, how do you think this school year went?

A: It’s kind of tough, it was a rollercoaster. Some were good days, some were bad days.


Q2: What was the most difficult thing for you this year?

A: Getting used to the MacBooks. I always did like paper and stuff, but some teachers were like “you need to use your MacBook” kind of thing, so I can see your notes.


Q3: What has been the most accomplished thing for you this year?

A: I think going to choir state. We went to state. That was pretty cool going you know, the first year of Olathe West.


Q4: What is your biggest concern for next year when there are 400 more students?

A: Power50! That’s it. Honestly just following the rules of Power50.


Q5: What are you most looking forward to next year?

A: Graduating! Just seeing this school grow, we have so many opportunities here and I just want to see everybody use those opportunities and grow from that.


Q6: Do you think West being a new school helped bring the school together as a family?

A: I think so. This year, since its so big, you need others to help you with directions.


Q7: What advice do you have for incoming Freshmen?

A: Study, be respectful to everybody, and just have fun.




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