StuCo Plans for a Golden Age


Sydney Brown

  Student Council has recently revealed this year’s homecoming theme: The Golden Age. Inspired by the 1920s, the theme includes the glitz and glam of old Hollywood.

Student Council has been meeting every Tuesday for the last couple weeks working on planning the dance. A lot of events are planned for this year’s Homecoming week.

“ As a council, we were trying to find a way to merge the two, [1920s Hollywood and Great Gatsby] and create something unique to our school,” Student council sponsor Nicole Bishop said.

The Golden Age is incorporated into Homecoming Spirit Week days as well. Monday is the Dust Bowl vs. Gatsby, Tuesday is Owls Through The Ages, Wednesday is Tourist day, Thursday is College day, and Friday is Silver and Grey out.

Student Council is planning other activities during Homecoming week such as a movie night on Tuesday showing The Greatest Showman. On Wednesday there will be Buff Puff where the junior and senior boys play volleyball against each other, and on Thursday there will be Powder Puff where junior and senior girls play flag football.

Additional events throughout the week include Monday’s Homecoming Assembly, where the Homecoming court nominees will be announced. On Thursday, there will be a carnival and bonfire with food trucks and carnival games. On Friday, there will be a pep assembly, and then later that evening the Homecoming soccer and football games, where the homecoming court winners will be announced.

The Homecoming Dance is next Saturday and Student Council is still working on the final touches, with their meetings every Tuesday.

Bishop gave a few hints on what the decorations will be.

“Lots of gold. Celebrity access. We wanted to play with lighting a little bit, but trying to get mostly the black and gold.”

As Homecoming week approaches, Bishop also shares her hopes for Homecoming week.

“ I just hope students have fun,” Bishop said. “It’s a lot of work behind the scenes. This is my first year being with it, I had no idea how much it really was behind the scenes. The students have been working really hard and trying to make decisions with the rest of the student body in mind.”